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RPG/GAMING Supplements

In roughly alphabetical order

Adventure Guide Screen
Adam Theriault
supplement, $19.95
The Adventure Guide Screen features artwork on one side and handy quick-reference charts on the other side. The 3-panel mini-screen includes a CD which contains Undiscovered Quests & Adventures issues 1 to 3, several maps in jpg, tif, and CC2-Pro format, generation programs for characters, adversaries, and villages, a demo version of Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro (by ProFantasy), and several other bonus files.


Basic Pulp
J. Carpio Dregg
supplement, FREE
Basic Pulp is a Generic and Cinematic RPG that brings the days of yesteryear to your table. Recreate the Pulps of Fiction and Serials with the "Two FIsted" Punch of Basic Pulp!


A Cast of Thousands
Andrew Kenrick
supplement, $7.95
A resource for GMs and players alike, providing dozens of ready made characters, story hooks, new spells and combat styles.


Matt Snyder
supplement, FREE
Daedalus is an independent, electronic 'zine. It features articles, new games, supplemental information and more about the role-playing game hobby.


The Daemon Codex
Dav Hamish
supplement, $20.00
The newest supplement for Obsidian. They are hated and feared, revered and worshiped, they are the daemons of Obsidian. The new supplement allows players to become daemons, and features new rules and expansions to make old daemons unique and terrifying.


Discovering Dusters
Adam Theriault
supplement, $14.95
Discovering Dusters contains detailed information on the duster race, including half-breeds and a new race containing duster blood. It goes into detail on the tribal life of the dusters, their customs and beliefs, their ceremonies, and even their language and mythology. It also features a bonus section on Shamanism which includes nine new miracle groups, and several new skills such as Tattoo Rites and Charm Crafting.


House of Vega
William Corrie
supplement, $15.00
House of Vega is a supplement for Shades of Earth alternate History RPG. It contains new classes, organizations, background, weapons, and skills for the Spanish Civil War.


Clinton R. Nixon
Supplement, FREE
"Inside" takes the game of Sorcerer in a new direction – literary cyberpunk. Characters are hackers, and are given the choice of staying human, or entering an imaginary world with limitless power.


Iridium System CHARGen
William Corrie
supplement, FREE
The CHARGen web based character generator, storage, and update system allows you to generate your character, modify and update it form anywhere you have an internet connection.


Island Nations
Gavin, Todd & Samantha Downing
supplement, $16.95
Expand your campaigns in the Arrowflight world with profiles of three powerful kingdoms, naval combat, new martial arts and over fifty new races, animals and magical creatures.
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JAGS Have-Not
Marco Chacon
supplement, FREE
Surreal post-apocalypse with armed vehicles, two headed monsters, and over-the-top adventure.
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Of Beasts and Men
Brian Leybourne
supplement, $25.00
Creatures, characters, game ideas and specialized rules for The Riddle of Steel RPG.


Sentinel's Bible
Scott Mitchell
supplement, $19.95
A definitive guide on how to survive as a Chosen Elect in the dangerous world of The Seventh Seal.

Advice to players on how best to use the aspect of a Tragic Hero to create believable Sentinel characters.
New Background Templates
Three New Celestial Orders
Exorcism and Sacraments
Allies and Secret Societies



Sex & Sorcery
Ron Edwards
supplement, $15.00
The third supplement for Sorcerer introduces love, sexuality, and gender into the game. It also includes an insectoid fantasy-adventure setting.


Smuggler's Run
Andrew J. Lucas
supplement, $3.00
An adventure published for the whispering vault game.
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The Book of LARP
Michael Young
supplement, $24.95
The Book of LARP explains live action roleplaying, contains six sample LARPs and has articles for beginning and advanced live action roleplayers.


The Lost Colony
Justin Dagna
supplement, $14.99
The Lost Colony campaign book takes characters on adventures through a newly-discovered world, facing pirates, traitors, primitive tribesmen and native beasts as they uncover its mysteries.