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This Year's Registered Games

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
Jenna Katerin Moran

The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is the new diceless RPG from Jenna Katerin Moran, author of the well-regarded Nobilis and an important contributor to Eos' Weapons of the Gods and White Wolf's Exalted RPG.

It's a progressive, warm-hearted game that focuses on adventure and slice-of-life stories — think Laputa: Castle in the Sky or Kiki's Delivery Service, but also Western stuff like Friendship is Magic, Harry Potter, and Adventure Time!

Pursue fabulous quests.

Progress through Issues.

And find a place for yourself in a world of breathtaking beauty.

The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG.

$19.99 PDF
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Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
A.P. Klosky

Winner of a 2015 BAMFsie award for Best Genre Emulation!

It's Always Dark in Smoke City

A group of muggers thrash an innocent workman in a back alley.

Mob drug runners flood the streets with filth, profiting on the backs of the addicted and hopeless.

A rogue metahuman uses fantastic pyrokinetic powers to torch an entire neighborhood.

The police are overwhelmed. Prisons overflow with the violent and psychotic. The innocent suffer while the guilty profit.

Some say that justice is all but gone. You know better. Justice hasn't disappeared. Justice now wears a mask. Your mask.

Never Despair! Never Surrender!

Inspired by the rise of dystopian, darker, contemporary comics from the 1980s onwards, Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics brings the drama and suspense of the world's greatest comics to your game table. High-stakes action runs hand-in-hand with the new MAFIANAP game mechanics, which emphasize the brutal combat, the intense investigations, and the deep moral quandary found in the Iron Age of Comics. Players become vigilantes in the crime-ridden city of New Corinth, using their unique skills and powerful metahuman abilities to bring justice to darkened streets.

Strap on your domino mask, buckle your utility belt, and grab your grabbling hook! You are the night!

Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics is a complete game. All you need to play is this book and some ten-sided dice.

$14.99 PDF
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Joseph Browning

Dash through crowed streets, careen around corners in high-speed chases, skulk in dark alleys, hack into secure files, infiltrate enemy agencies - Enter the world of a secret agent! Classified is a retro-clone of the 1980's role-playing game about the world's most-famous spy. Classified is the action-packed game of covert operations that maintains the flavor of cold war spy-mongering while set in the modern day. Style and substance, baby, style *and* substance.

$30.00 Hardcopy, $12.00 PDF
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Dream Askew
Joe Mcdaldno

Dream Askew gives us ruined buildings, ruined lives, ruined faces, loaded handguns, psychic powers, heartbroken underdogs and turbulent skies, asking “What do you do next?”

Imagine that the apocalypse didn't happen everywhere at the same time. Instead, it happened in waves. It's still happening in waves. You were hit recently. You've fallen out of the society intact. You've found others who you can relate to, and you've banded together with them to form a queer enclave. Gangs roam the apocalyptic rubble, and scarcity is becoming the norm. And just beyond our everyday perception, howling and hungry, there exists a psychic maelstrom.

Dream Askew is a game about post-apocalyptic lives. It's a game that queers the post-apocalyptic genre, exploring how the apocalyptic process could impact our sexuality, genders, livelihoods, experiences of marginalization, and experiences of liberation.

It's a story game. You create a character and then you play as that character – narrating their actions, making their life choices, speaking their words, demonstrating what it would mean to be that person. The game is full of tools to make this task easier.

Dream Askew is a game for 3-5 people. It takes 3-4 hours to play a full session. Art by Jez Gordon.

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Tony Dowler

Here's some extra content: an RPG you can use to explore the TItan's Sarcophagus map I released earlier this month. It includes a low-res copy of the map. This is a super-minimal game. The rules are sparse. Meant for experienced players. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Whispering Road
Brent P. Newhall

The Whispering Road is a storytelling game of cooperation and exploration, inspired by the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

The system uses d6's and d8's to tell a Hero's Journey about people who are spirited away to a strange world, find allies and face antagonists, and at the end, may (or may not) return home. The rules explicitly reward cooperation and selflessness.

Your character is made of three things:

  1. An Archetype (Ordinary Hero, Special One, Mentor, or Rascal)
  2. A strong Need that's regularly thwarted by another character (such as “I want to turn back into a young woman, but the wizard keeps giving me other things to do”)
  3. A set of character Traits (such as “Everybody's Friend”, “Amazing Durability”, “Power of Flight”).

Conflicts are always framed in terms of which characters' needs are in jeopardy. You then play your traits to get dice, which you roll to try to satisfy needs. What you roll is added to your good karma if it satisfies another characters' need, or your bad karma if it satisfies your own need.

The story is laid out in a series of acts along the lines of the Hero's Journey: the characters travel to a new world (actual or metaphorical), face antagonists, gain allies, and neutralize the antagonists. During the final acts, a high bad karma relative to good karma gets you more bad karma, and if your bad karma ends up higher than your good karma, you remain exiled in the new world.

$9.99 Hardcopy, $4.99 PDF
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Havoc Brigade
Grant Howitt

Here's the deal - you're the meanest, cunningest, most brutal orcs around, and you've been selected for a special mission. You're gonna infiltrate the human city of Freiberg and abduct Prince Theodore Holstein (boo!) so your superiors can interrogate him for information on the allied war plans.

Of course, no-one thought to specify who's in charge of the group, and you've all got your own aims in mind for your time in the city... but you'll be fine, right? Holstein is going DOWN.

A one-shot tabletop RPG for up to six players (and one GM); contains system, illustrated characters, city map, antagonists and scenario details. The rules are written with an eye to make them easy to pick up and learn, and encourage stupid plans and wild distractions, so it's a great game for cons - or just to keep on your shelf if your regular game is called off on short notice.

$15.00 Hardcopy, FREE! PDF
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Goblin Quest
Grant Howitt

Goblin Quest is a tabletop roleplaying game about slapstick violence, fatal ineptitude, and the greatest adventure of your life.. Play five goblins each (in sequence, not parallel) and watch them meet hilarious ends while failing to achieve the most basic tasks. Will they survive the dangerous world of the Great Battle Camp and avoid the attentions of brutal orcs, murderous bugbears, mean-spirited hobgoblins and scary wizards? Probably not. But you'll have fun finding out!

The 120-page book is packed with full-colour art from "Calamity" Jon Morris, Iguanamouth and Tim Wilkinson Lewis, and has loads of ideas for great adventures from the leading lights of the game design world such as James Wallis, Ken Hite, Rob Heinsoo, Naomi Alderman, Merritt Kopas, and more.

$15.00 PDF
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Welcome, Minions!
David Schirduan

Welcome Minions! is a game of friendly bickering, plotting, and planning. If you've ever seen henchmen and mooks argue with one another while bumbling the simplest missions, then you'll know how to play this game. Please your master and earn his favor while you sabotage and plot against your fellow minions!

All you need to play is a deck of cards, and 3-10 people who don't mind plotting against one another! A great party game for all ages! Games can last 20 minutes, or go on all night. Let your creativity and fiendishness combine to create a fun and whacky night of crazy adventures! Welcome Minions! is very simple, and easy to play! For ages 7 to 97. Note: This game is unfit for human consumption, and should only be played by Minions, Mooks, or Henchmen.

It's the perfect game to introduce someone to storytelling, or to play while you're waiting for the other players to arrive to the table. A nice change of pace from Apples to Apples, and offers more structure than a game of "Everyone Is John".

$1.99 PDF
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Golden Sky Stories
Ryo Kamiya, Tsugihagi Honpo

Golden Sky Stories is a heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game from Japan, by Ryo Kamiya. In this game, players take on the role of henge, animals that have just a little bit of magical power, including the ability to temporarily take on human form. You can be a fox, raccoon dog, cat, dog, rabbit, or bird, and each kind has their own special magical powers. Players will then attempt to solve problems around a small enchanted town with ingenuity, co-operation and friendship.

Golden Sky Stories requires one Narrator, 2-4 players, pencils and paper, and tokens to keep track of Dreams.

$20.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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A Werewolf at Prom
Caitlynn Blocker

Here it is! Stressful little bugger. Bloody and fun and runs in under an hour.

More Information
Avery Mcdaldno

Abnormal is a game of body horror. Body horror breaks down the lines between natural and unnatural, witness and witnessed, human and other. The body becomes contested terrain, and the senses become untrustworthy informants.

Abnormal is a game for 1-3 players, about the struggle between a witness and a morphological horror. It should take forty to ninety minutes to play. To play you will need a four-sided die, eight small tokens (referred to throughout the text as fragments), the six custom cards included with this game, and a few index cards.

More Information
Schoolgirl RPG
Ewen Cluney

In Schoolgirl RPG you play a random, quirky, and possibly unnatural schoolgirl who must cope with all the random weirdness that comes her way. Based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, this mini-RPG will provide plenty of exhausting, random fun.

To play you will need some friends, pencils, paper, six-sided dice, and the willingness to roll dice for just about everything.

$12.00 Hardcopy (complete edition), $2.49 PDF
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Unsung Tales
Peter Borah

Unsung Tales is a card-based roleplaying game, in which you and your friends will work together to tell stories of mystery and adventure in a Sword and Sorcery world. It's designed to be easy to learn and quick to play, while also having a robust set of rules that ensure none of you knows what's coming next.

For those of you who care about such things, it's got some interesting features. It stars a single protagonist, and has a unique set of player roles that don't leave any one person in charge of creating the world.

More Information
In Residency
Lizzie Stark

In Residency is a short, live action American Freeform game for 10-16 players about the relationship between trauma and art, and about the weird atmosphere of artists' colonies, where intensely personal daily work rubs up against a claustrophobic cocktail-party environment at night. Brython: it's where we're all alone together.

For residents at this elite artists' colony, Brython represents the chance to live full time as their most secret selves, ignoring everything but their sacred drive to elevate the soul through art. By day, they make art in the beautiful surroundings of a fully staffed mansion, transforming their dark pasts into beauty. By night, they live in a fishbowl of observation and unresolved sexual tension. Will they overcome impostor syndrome to work on the projects they said they would? Will their off-colony relationships survive? Or will it all degenerate into Bacchanalia?

Time: About 5 hours
Players: 10-16, plus one or more facilitators
Genre: Heightened Realism
Venue: A room large enough to contain the players and move around in comfortably, preferably with a little furniture; two adjacent rooms if possible.
Player type: You enjoy taking initiative and pushing your character attributes to make interesting play for yourself and others. You enjoy the themes of gossip, romance, trauma, and art, and you sometimes find it fun to fail in game.
Organizer type: You're laid back and can run a good workshop and enjoy helping people create meaty characters. You'll start and end scenes and control the crowd during interludes. If you choose, you can play as well, pushing drama from within. You're as strict as a boarding school nun when it comes to keeping time.

Written in the tradition of Larps from the Factory games!

$5.99 PDF
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Law's Out - the Auction-Based Cowboy Adventure Game
Jacob Randolph

The newest Spaghetti Western movie, filmed and directed by you and your friends!

Law's Out is the newest hit Western film, but no one seems to agree what exactly it's about. Some people say it's about the mysterious stranger who blew into town and toppled the baron's monopoly on coal. Someone mentioned a doctor who had a deal with the devil. I even heard someone say the sheriff shot the preacher. Should be exciting, why not check it out?

Of course, Law's Out is a fictional movie. Not in the fictional sense of "the events portrayed aren't real." I mean it doesn't exist. It isn't a movie anyone's made, or at least, they haven't made it yet. That's where you and your friends come in. Each of you will take on the role of an actor in the film, and you'll set up plot points, ante your resources for personal gain, and try to weasel your way into a happy ending. Or a tragic ending, if that's more interesting. It very well could be!

This book is a rulebook for playing as the actors of the fictional film Law's Out, directed and acted out by you and your friends. In the game, you will auction off everything you have for control of the story, and the player who puts the most on the line will seize more control over the story than anyone else.

Law's Out only needs a pencil and some note cards to play, although it is helpful to have a printer as well, so you can print off everyone's Role cards. Law's Out is suitable for 3-8 players, and a typical game will last 2-4 hours.

$5.95 Hardcopy, $3.50 PDF
More Information
The Few
Jonáš Ferenc, Kryštof Ferenc

It is the year 1940. Hitler's Nazi hordes have overrun Europe, torn Czechoslovakia asunder, split Poland with the Bolsheviks and, with the speed of a lightning, crushed France along with the British expeditionary force. After having evacuated Dunkirk, the Great Britain now stands alone in its fight against the monstrous regime. On the shores of northern France, Germans are already amassing vast armies and starting preparations for a sea invasion of England.

The pilots of the Royal Air Force fight valiantly to defend English cities and to achieve the air superiority. They face the yet to be defeated might of the Nazi war machine. If they fail, the proud Albion will crumble. The famous Battle of Britain begins. Only a few of the pilots will survive to see its end, for the losses in the ranks of young pilots are astounding.

We would like to offer you a revised version of a game originally submitted to “Czech RPG Kitchen 2012 design contest " to download and try (for free of course). It is a game where players assume the roles of an RAF pilots and have to fight against Nazi superiority in the deadly dogfights in the skies. After missions, they have to live a normal life on the ground for a few hours. They go to the movies, get a few beers and have a chat with friends in a pub, occasionally make love, or just sit at home by the window, look at the sky and talk to the stars. Every morning after they have to fly off into unreal, savage world of terror in the clouds above and they know that they might not come back alive...

The “Czech RPG Kitchen 2012 design contest " is a Czech mutation of the "GameChef design contest " which already took place for six years in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Few was there awarded with the third place and an acknowledgment for the best-written rulebook.

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Modernity: A Contemporary Occult Noir Roleplaying Game (Fate Edition)
David Reed

Our world is replete with tablet computers, smart phones, social networking, frou-frou coffees, and 24-hour faux news channels, but… Beneath that banal facade, under our mundane everyday lives, past our onerous commute, and outside our boring jobs…

Lurking just below the thin veneer of civilization are the government conspiracies we privately agonize over, the implacable evil that we secretly know is real, and all of the truly terrifying monsters under the bed we lie to our children about.

Modernity is your opportunity to face your fears deep down in the well of shadows and bring light into the darkness. Or maybe not… Anything in Modernity might be true.

The tabloid headlines in Modernity are real... and written in blood.

It is up to you... Fight the Darkness.

$18.02 Hardcopy, $9.99 PDF
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Dead Teenager RPG
Robert Nolan

This Time, the Murder Hobo isn't You!

Have you ever wondered exactly why the 'soon to be' victims in Slasher movies do the stupid things they do?

Well now you can find out, with Dead Teenager RPG, where you play the victims. Grab a few friends, 2 decks of playing cards, and blow 1.5 - 2 hours of your life trying to survive a horror film of you own making.

Hinder your enemies, betray your friends, and sucker some poor bastard into going with you into that dark basement.

Struggle against your victims' desire to get themselves killed:

  • See a shadow out moving in the woods? Leave everyone else behind and go check for yourself!
  • Did 3 of your friends recently get killed while taking showers? Now you can take a shower too!
  • Is that the cat in the closet again, or the mutilated body of Officer Jones? Open that door and find out!
  • Trying to start that car? Fumble around and drop those keys, because you didn't check the back seat anyway!


The best part of Dead Teenager RPG; no one has any idea when or where the Killer will strike, until it's too late. Maybe with enough dumb luck one of you will make it out of this thing alive.

$19.99 Hardcopy, $9.99 PDF
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Chomp! A Survival Horror Role Playing Game
Craig Sieracki and Matt Scott

Chomp! A Survival Horror Role Playing Game is an exciting and new role playing game with quick character creation and game set up. It is perfect for beginners or gamers short on time. Have kids, full time job, etc. No worries we are here for you and your gaming needs. Everything you need to play is in this 50 page book (minus the dice, a pencil, and friends, we can't download friends). We have heard this game aptly described as the pick-up-game of basketball version of the Role Playing Game, which is apt because it really supports getting a random group of friends together and hacking the undead to pieces. Get your friends, grab a weapon, and do your best to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

$6.50 PDF
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SexyTime Adventures: the RPG
Anna Kreider

The land of Sexonia is a dangerous place, a land of fantasy and adventure beyond your wildest imaginings. Maybe you got into adventuring because your village was destroyed by orcs, or to prevent fire elementals from taking over your kingdom, or maybe just because it was better than staying at home and settling down with that nice boy that your parents wanted you to marry. Whatever the reason, you can't go home now. The kingdom needs you. And more importantly, that chain mail makes you look totally hot. Are you seeing anyone right now? Could I maybe buy you an ale some time?

...I'm sorry, where was I?

Adventure! Danger! Sexy outfits! Come, fellow adventurers. It's sexytime.

SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is a Dungeon World hack in which you play a party of fantasy adventurers having adventures and being sexy. This is a work of SATIRE. It is not a standalone hack - you will need a copy of Dungeon World to play. Currently, SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is only available in PDF.

$7.00 PDF
More Information
Levi Kornelsen

This is a rules-light RPG set in a dark fairy-tale forest.


Fudge Dice are needed to play - at least four, and four per player is best, as well as tokens of whatever sort (glass beads, coins, other dice).


ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a village called Shamblington, in the midst of a fell and forbidding forest, rarely visited by outsiders.

It has been said that long ago, there were roses in that forest, that the barbed and tangled regions known now as thornwoods were places of joy, until the shadows came and the roses fell. So it has been said, and most have laughed bitterly at the saying.

There were three, though. Three who did not laugh, but thought on that tale with sad faces. Three heroes, who were the mighty of Shamblington. For Shamblington was ruled by the Baron Ruen. And it was protected by the sword of Dame Enia. And the wards all around it were crafted and maintained by the mystic, Xia.

And these three heroes heard tell of some other piece to that tale, some word that gave them hope. That led them to believe that the shadows might be lit, and there might be roses in the forest again. And so they drew on their armour, drew up their powers and weapons, and went forth into the thorns last month, promising a quick sortie of only a few days.

They have not returned.

Adren, the brother of Baron Ruen, has claimed the baronial seat, ignoring the claim of Ruen's heir Urte.

Xia left much unfinished. An apprentice named Rha, left without clear instructions, waits in the strange home of the mystic. With Rha waits Nox, a youth with skin like dark burnt brick. And another changeling child - a golden-skinned youth named Aura - entered town only moments ago, coming to the manor for answers.

Dame Enia's squire Marta and her sister Lali wait, too, at the watchtower, and have just caught sight of the golden-skinned traveller.

$2.00 PDF (pay what you want)
More Information
Becoming: A Game of Heroism and Sacrifice
Brian Engard

Overthrow the tyrant. Survive the haunted woods. Find a way home.

But once you get there, will you be the same?

Becoming is a game for four players. The Hero wants to complete her Quest and make it back home, but if the Fates have their way, she won't be who she was when she started. Becoming is game about change, compromise, and victory at a steep cost.

What will you become?

$24.99 Hardcopy, $9.99 PDF
More Information
Exodus 22:18
Michael Tice

A parlor LARP for 12-15 players Runtime: approximately 4 hours Summary: The players portray a few of the inhabitants of a European town, at some point before the Protestant Reformation during the height of the witch trials in the 15th century. The local priest, Father Aldo, unexpectedly died a week ago. Shortly before his death, Father Aldo composed a letter to the Inquisitor in a nearby city, indicating that his illness was due to witchcraft, and that one or more witches lived in his town in the guise of honest Christian folk. The Inquisitor has now arrived in the town, and has summoned a number of prominent citizens who had contact with the priest on the last day of his life to the town hall, in order to carry out a preliminary investigation. The Townsfolk are set the task of uncovering any witches among them. Offered by arrangement with Mike Tice of Live Game Labs, and the Elegantly Amused Press, who are donating all proceeds to Seekers Unlimited.

$10.00 Hardcopy
More Information
Forever Summer
James Desborough

Forever Summer is a role-playing game of children's adventure.

Evoking the likes of Goonies, Monster Squad, Eerie Indiana and Gravity Falls, Forever Summer drops you into the sleepy town of Oceanview for a long summer of adventure, mystery, thrills and excitement.
Behind every door lies a mystery, an adventure, or something scary!
Forever Summer features:

  • A simple system, suitable for children and beginners.
  • Details on Oceanview - a whole town of strange adventures!
  • Quick and easy play, suitable for fill in games and convention scenarios.
$4.99 PDF
More Information
Legacy of the Slayer
Jay Treat

A story game for monster hunters

The ghost stories you've heard are true. There are things that go bump in the night and they really do want to hurt you. But you've chosen to stand up and fight back. It won't be easy, but your friends and your town need you. The world needs you. Look out, Evil: the hunter has become the hunted.

Create your own world based off of popular series where (relatively) normal people fight off supernatural threats in a modern setting, usually in secret. Draft characters with cards that define their talents, flaws, relationships and liabilities. Modify the cards as your characters grow and change organically.

Begin playing immediately with no preparation required. There are no dice; Just tell the story you want to tell, featuring the quirks that bring your characters to life and the twists that make the genre great. All you need is a pen/marker of a different color for each player to mark the cards (there are enough for three extended campaigns).

$19.99 Hardcopy
More Information

The 12th century. A time of brutal crusades, feuding nobles, impregnable castles and perilous quests. We've been there, done that and we've all bought the mail shirt.

This is a storygame about the ladies-in-waiting to Eleanor of Aquitaine, an intriguing medieval queen. Around this queen a hidden women's culture emerged—subtle, intangible, poetic and not less passionate. In the middle of it is the capricious and unfathomable Queen. There's no getting around her. This world has its own stories, but history has erased them. Now it is up to you to tell those stories, together.

  • Cooperative storytelling, with up to four players.
  • Each player is narrator in turn, and makes a story with the help of the others and random lists.
  • Players take the role of a lady of the court. They will also roleplay the mysterious Alienòr by random chance. The characters love her in their own ways.
  • France, sun, romance, passion...

This game is free. Both design, layout and art were created independently by me. You can support me by Paying What You Want, because I'll make more stuff that you like. Thanks!

FREE! PDF (pay what you want)
More Information
Base Raiders
Ross Payton

Every superhero and villain disappeared a year ago. Some of their secret labs, headquarters, and lairs were found, but many more remain hidden. Treasures, unique artifacts, and secret knowledge can be found in the bases, prizes worth risking death from the traps and guardians left behind. A new class of ‘base raiders' emerged to find and loot the abandoned bases. The secrets of gaining superpowers spread when base raiders sold, traded, or gave away what they found. Now, anyone brave or foolish enough to find the black market can buy a knockoff super soldier drug or magical artifact to use in their own quest to become more than human. The superhumans of today are not enforcers of an old status quo. They are visionaries, madmen, idealists, fanatics, heroes, villains, and base raiders. Join their ranks. Change yourself. Change the world.

Base Raiders is a complete FATE role playing game. It features:

  • A Base Creation System to easily generate unique and exciting bases to raid. A base can be the setting for an adventure or the goal itself. Create traps, populate the base with guards and throw in competing base raiders!
  • A Superpowers System that allows characters to add, change, or remove powers. You may find ways to give yourself more powers, but how will they interact with your existing ones?
  • A Goal System so your character can change the world. Instead of advancing your character after an adventure, you can invest in a goal that will affect the game world in some way. Perhaps you want to reduce crime in your home city or build a secret base of your own. This gives your character something to work for, other than personal power.
  • Rogue's Gallery of heroes and villains, with backgrounds, skills, and powers and ready for use in your game.
  • The Zombie Factory, a complete base with maps, history, and occupants plus numerous adventure seeds.
$29.99 Hardcopy, $14.99 PDF
More Information
John Harper

Bootleggers is about a gang of criminals smuggling alcohol during prohibition in Seattle, Washington in 1930. Roy Olmstead, the so-called “good bootlegger” and ex-cop, runs 90% of the city's illegal alcohol business and has bribed almost every police officer and city official to support his operation. The remaining scraps of booze trafficking, still worth a small fortune, are fought over by independent operators like you.

This first set, Bootleggers: Smuggling Run, covers your gang through their first six levels as they establish a reputation as daredevil smugglers supplying the speakeasies of the Emerald City. The follow-up set, Bootleggers: Turf War (coming soon) covers levels seven through twelve as the gang sets up their territory and runs their own smuggling fleets, speakeasies, and stills.

This game is released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license (CC-BY-NC_SA) so you can use it as the basis of your own free RPG hacks.

$7.00 PDF (pay what you want)
More Information
Jackson Tegu

Gather 3-5 players, set aside 2 hours, and make up an unwatchable “foreign” film using a pile of index cards and your crazy brains!

Use this step-by-step guide to guffaw your group through non-chronologically remembering a wildly bizarre movie that you apparently just watched together! On each player's turn they write a part or moment into the movie (oh, I mean remember a part or moment of the movie they saw, pardon me) and insert it anywhere into the timeline you're collaboratively creating!

Kaleidoscope, a thorough stand-alone hack of Ben Robbin's celebrated Microscope: a fractal role-playing game of epic histories, has been simmering on my back-burner for a couple of years. I want to share the laughs! Through these years Kaleidoscope has been streamlined and made more silly, seen play in numerous conventions up and down the west coast of North America and many living rooms and several cafes, receiving amused or (on one occasion) unamused looks from folks at neighboring tables, and eliciting many decibels of laughter from its players.

For 3-5 players.
Plays in about 2 hours.
You'll like it if you like imagining weird movies, quipping and joking, the mechanics of the game Microscope pared down to the speed of comedy.

$8.00 PDF
More Information
Brad Murray

Callisto is a play-by-mail game based on the olden days back when we played by actual mail. Yes we actually sent pieces of paper with writing on them (hand writing, almost always) through the post with our orders on them and some poor sod collated them and sent back responses.

Now we have tools that simplify this greatly and it's time to leverage them to do what couldn't be easily done before: have a lot of fun with the least possible effort on the part of the referee. And so, Callisto.

In Callisto some large number of players will control the actions of persons of note in a mythical place. They will be barons, kings, admirals, mercenary captains, tinkerers, philosophers, outlaws — the possibilities are endless but the running theme is that they will be important. The rules of Callisto will guarantee that they are important.

$4.95 PDF (pay what you want)
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Bugs of Venus
Benjamin Osborn

A PbtA roleplaying game of survivors under the alien bugs who have taken over the planet Earth. You need a copy of these rules, pencils for all players and some scratch paper, and a handful of 6 sided dice. This is a "dice pool" game which means players may be rolling upwards of 10 dice on a single roll. You may also want several larger dice to represent the Bugs.

Game Type: Roleplaying Game
Players: 2+
GM?: Yes
Crunch: 3 - Mildly Crunchy
Author: Benjamin Osborn

They came suddenly, when we first cracked Venus's rocky crust. Billions of them. Of every shape imaginable. They can withstand incredible heat and pressure. They do not need to breathe. They cannot be reasoned with. We have clung on for generations, but our re-sources dwindle. EDF expeditions launch deeper into hostile territory every year. However, the EDF Marines are all well trained in combat and survival. Trained to hunt without being seen. Trained to laugh at the mortality of their own ranks. We have each volunteered for the EDF for our own reasons, but we now have one mission. Keep. Humanity. Alive.

More Information
Midsummer Wood
Vincent Baker

It's midsummer and in the darkest, weirdest wood the fairies meet in mask to feast and fête. Of mortals, the canniest and most wary can dare to join them. The rewards are wealth and poetry, pleasure, love and magic. The risks are sanity and soul. One of you is just such, a mortal man or mortal woman cunning, lovely and bold. Can you move uncaught among these, the perilous and subtle, shapechangers, elementals, embodiments of the oldest fears? Can you rob them of their treasures and escape, or will they discover you, bind you, and make you theirs?

Midsummer Wood is a competitive single-session rpg for 4 or 5 players.

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Indie Mixtape: Volumes 1 & 2

The Indie Mixtape Project is a quarterly anthology zine of short games by a mixture of veteran and up-and-coming game designers, many of whom are publishing games for the first time. All proceeds from sales of the series benefit a number of indie game designers and their family members who are struggling with huge medical bills and other burdens.

Volumes 1 & 2 were released in 2014.

$9.99 each PDF
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Dangers Untold
Shoshana Kessock

A strange world filled with magical, new friends. A villain who wants to control it all. And the one girl who can stop him.

Dangers Untold is a live action roleplaying game for 3-8 players aged 12 and up. You don't need any experience with roleplaying games to play.

$6.00 PDF
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Out of Dodge
Jason Morningstar

Out of Dodge is a four-person, freeform/live-action game about desperate criminals on a car ride to nowhere. Perfect for your next road trip!

The game requires four players, a small space arranged like a car, and should take around 1-2 hours to play. It can be played by responsible people in an actual moving car. There is no Game Master, but you'll need one player to prepare the materials.

This game includes mature language in the rules and generally deals with themes of betrayal and extreme violence.

The Pitch

Oh my goodness did that ever go wrong. Shots were fired, mostly into Toad there, and the four of you got away with a bag containing less loot than you'd planned. A lot less. Now you are on the road, running for your lives and counting your blessings. You have your health (Toad does not have that), you have your friends (not friends), and you each have a still-warm piece tucked into your pants. You have eleven treasures to split four ways and that is not going to be pretty. Things are not looking up.

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Vampire Discotheque
Ben Lehman

An ordinary nightclub: Vampires attack. Infiltrating modern society with panache, the MASTER VAMPIRE seduces and feeds on innocent DANCE PARTY GOERS. Can no one stop these terrible monsters?

Fortunately: TEAGAN von HELSING, trendy scion of the vampire hunting clan, is on the case. TEAGAN, with the help of HELSING3000, robot vampire hunter from the future, may yet defeat the sinister MASTER VAMPIRE.

VAMPIRE DISCOTHEQUE is a role-playing dance party game for 6-12 players, in the spirit of Are You A Werewolf and Assassin.

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Lowell Was Right! - A Very Different Now
clash bowley and Albert Bailey

Between 1880 and 1920, virtually everything in science was turned on its head. Everything we knew was wrong! What would a world be like where technology was based on dual current electricity, stars powered by gravitational collapse, atoms that were knots in the ether, chemistry without electon bonding, and other theories strange to us. Lowell Was Right! is set now, but a very different now. A now where there is no electronics at all, but you can journey to Mars or Venus. A now where any element can be made by reknotting the ether. A now where mass can be negated. A now where ghosts can be caught in crystals and used as artificial intelligences.

$25.00 Hardcopy, $5.00 PDF
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High Strung
clash bowley

Rock 'n' Roll Roleplaying! Don't look away, you know you want it! Play a member of a band from the 70s to the mid 90s, going for the ultimate prize - a multi-album contract! Don't lose your Hope! You'll need it to get you through! If you lose it, you'll quit the band and join a cover band! Don't worry, though! If you want, you can always steal Hope from your bandmates! Oh! We seem to have run out of exclaimation points... Oh well, see what these total non-entities say about it:

"A sullen, brutish ignorance hammering in vain anger at the gates of music."

"All the grace and delicacy of a pig on quaaludes lap dancing in a clown suit."

"A buzzkill four lines of coke couldn't dent"

$5.00 PDF
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Brendan Davis, William Butler, Dan Orcutt

You are a Sertori: a powerful sorcerer who can bind men's minds with a word or bring down storms of fire on your foes. You live in an ancient world, ruled by monarchs and oligarchies, in search of your destiny, attracting throngs of followers and circles of believers. As your following grows, so does your power. In time, you may rival the gods, or be worshipped as one.

$49.99 Hardcopy, $9.99 PDF
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Blueholme Prentice Rules
Michael Thomas

BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules is a table top fantasy roleplaying game that emulates the game play of the original basic rule book, popularly known as the Holmes Edition or simply the Blue Book. The rules in this book allow for characters of 1st to 3rd levels, and include everything the referee could possibly need to create and run a campaign in the Underworld: monsters, magic, treasure, and … well, what more do you need?

$4.99 Hardcopy, FREE! PDF (pay what you want)
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Mark Plemmons

Corporia is a tabletop role-playing game of genre-bending fiction and futuristic urban fantasy written by Origins and ENnie award-winning author Mark Plemmons. In Corporia, you take on the roles of reborn Knights of the Round Table or their supernaturally-powered allies, fighting an invisible war for justice in the struggle between otherworldly Chaos magics and the oppressive Order of the ruling mega-corporations.


  • One simple, unified game mechanic for all abilities, including fighting, spellcasting, and hacking! Simply add your character's Core Value rank + one relevant Skill rank + the high die from a 2d6 roll, and compare the total result to a Target Number.
  • Hackers can bring their allies into virtual worlds with them; no one gets left out!
  • Spellcasters can cast whatever they can imagine, limited only by their skill rank in any of eight schools of magic - and all 64 sample spells can be easily modified at will!
  • Four personality traits (three public, one private) keep situations interesting and provide points for permanent and temporary improvements, supplementing the core dice mechanics without becoming the main aspects of the rules!
  • Metal melee weapons are more effective against monsters than firearms, keeping swords and daggers relevant even in a future of X-Calibre energy pistols and glowing raypiers!
  • An innovative, modern design style in a book full of page-turning concepts!
  • Extensively bookmarked and linked PDF with a fillable character sheet!
$9.99 PDF
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Impossible Missions
Thomas McGrenery


Impossible Missions - a role-playing game of espionage and suspense.

Using a simple D6 pool system, you play agents of a crack government outfit employed only when all other routes have failed. Use whatever means you deem necessary. Success is all that matters.

This revised PDF edition contains both the Player and GM Guides in a single volume, including a sample mission to get your Impossible Missions game started right away.


$1.99 PDF (pay what you want)
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Against the Unknown
Thomas McGrenery

Hardboiled detectives. Wartime spies. Investigators of the uncanny. Such are the intrepid heroes of AGAINST THE UNKNOWN.

Against the Unknown is a standalone RPG using a streamlined take on the GUMSHOE system to play out mystery and action in the mode of the original adventure pulps and hardboiled detective stories.

Characters in Against the Unknown are masters of their chosen fields, with extraordinary abilities.The trouble starts when they must face dangers and mysteries that likewise go far beyond the ordinary.

Features include:

  • Quick character generation: background cards provide skill packages so that you can create the character you want and ensure a range of key abilities across the group.
  • Unified abilities: use them just like standard GUMSHOE investigative abilities, add your rating to die rolls for general tests, and spend points from your pool to get bonuses of both kinds.
  • Intuitive tracking of physical and mental harm (Damage and Shock): you can voluntarily suffer harm to boost die rolls - will you put your body or sanity on the line to succeed?
$5.99 Hardcopy, $4.99 PDF
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The Clay That Woke
Paul Czege

Written and designed like no other roleplaying game you've seen. Set in a richly-imagined world of strange entities, dangerous work, and injustice. It has character classes, an alignment system, character advancement, and adventures, just like the games that inspired it, but driven by a token-based oracle that's not like them at all.

Generations ago four infant minotaurs were pulled from the mud of the eternal river. You are one of their descendants, a nameless minotaur living in a human civilization that may never again be as great as it was. It will find its future in your doings.

$27.00 Hardcopy, $14.00 PDF
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Sojourner's Quest
Randall C Ellis

The pathway to adventure begins here!

If you are familiar with adventure gaming, then this will be a refreshing game for you. Sojourner's Quest is an exciting new RPG made for anyone seeking thrilling challenges, containing 164 pages of a fresh new perspective on fantasy gaming. Sojourner's Quest has something to offer all players, from beginner to advanced campaigner. The game gives you the opportunity to play your favorite Races and Classes and to take them on journeys you're sure to find rewarding and fun!

Sojourner's Quest uses the standard polyhedron dice set: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d%.

Start today, and let Sojourner's Quest lead you to a new pathway of magic, intrigue, and adventure that will keep you asking for more!!

$5.00 PDF
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USR 2.0
Scott Malthouse

Sometimes you just want to play a roleplaying game without the hassle of learning a mountain of rules. Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying has the answer. This streamlined ruleset will get you and your friends around the table and on an adventure in no time. With quick and easy mechanics that both new players and veterans will love, USR opens up a gateway to infinite worlds, whether you want to play as detectives in Victorian England, witch hunters in a dark city or warriors in a magical realm.

What's New In USR Version 2.0? This is the second version of the USR system, and while the game hasn't changed much there have been a couple of alterations. For one, the layout has had a lick of fresh paint. Hope you like it. The second is that using Specialisms during combat has changed to make it even more streamlined. Thirdly, narrative points have been adjusted to offer a more structured way of using them. Finally, after lots of feedback the book now includes more advice for new players starting out with roleplaying games. Other than that, it's all the same, unbelievably simple game you love!

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OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game
Clay Gardner

OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game lets you and your friends become your favorite characters from the diverse worlds of Japanese animation. All you need are pencils, paper, dice, and your imagination! Save the princess (or prince!) from a fire-breathing dragon, tackle invading squadrons of giant robots, or find true love amid campus hijinks. It’s all up to you!

Create Your Perfect Character
With OVA, there’s no need to worry about rows of numbers and statistics. Creating characters takes just minutes—it’s as simple as describing them!

Entertaining and Lavishly Illustrated
Detailed examples and over 65 illustrations featuring OVA’s colorful, recurring characters are presented throughout the book.

Easy Yet Versatile
The rules are only as complicated as you want them to be. Whether you keep it simple or fine-tune every detail, OVA is perfect for gamers old and new.

$25.00 Hardcopy, $15.00 PDF
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