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This Year's Registered Supplements

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered supplements submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Highland Spirits: A Storybook and Setting Guide
Zeke Coughlin, Natalia Dean, Brent Concilio

Highland Spirits is a storybook and setting guide intended for use with the Clockwork: Dominion Core Rulebook.

The Highland Spirits story provides Narrators with plot, character, and setting information for a story that pits player-characters against manipulative spirits, capricious fey, and malevolent fallen angels. Caught in a web of ancient politics, the characters must travel from the Highlands of Scotland to the edge of the Outer Darkness and navigate alliances that will determine the fate of reality itself.

This book also contains detailed information on the Borderlands and how to tell stories in the realms of the fey. New magical rituals, glamours, and other character assets allow further stories to be told in the lands beyond the mortal realm. 

$7.49 PDF
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Devil's Staircase Wild West Solo Role Playing Rules
Peter Rudin-Burgess

This is a solo role playing supplement to accompany the Devil's Staircase Wild West Role Playing Game public playtest and quickstart rules. 

Devil's Staircase uses playing cards in  place of dice for the core rule system and these rules continue that theme. There are four rules: an oracle for yes/no questions; a complex question and answer card system; NPC reactions system and NPC tactical look up.

These rules are derived from the One Page Solo Engine by Karl Hendricks but has been adapted to play seamlessly using the card system from Devil's Staircase.

This supplement includes examples for using the system, a 'one page' reference page and a template for NPC master Lists and Loose Threads Master List.

In addition you will need a pack of regular playing cards to use thee rules.

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Creature Feature Quarterly vol.1 (Black Hack Edition)
Jeremy Hart

13 new monsters with an OSR feel for your Black Hack game. I modeled the stat blocks after TBH 2e, but all these monsters should be quite compatible with TBH 1e as well.

In addition to the usual stats, each monster has an extensive description including lore, ecology and adventure ideas.

Monsters By Hit Dice

HD2     Protocol Imp

HD4     Unseelie Psychopomp

HD5     Arboreal Stalker

HD6     Blade Wraith, Cerberan Warlock, Lurking Glutton

HD7     Star Tyrant

HD8     Mantid Stitch Golem, Tatterdemalion Lich

HD9     Hound Of Tindalos

HD10   Twistbrute

HD12   Devourer

HD16   Enraged Fallen Celestial

$4.00 PDF
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Justin Alexander, Jeremy Keller

Like Technoir? You can always use Morenoir!

This is your go-to guide for running, hacking, adapting, and generally exploiting the hell out of Technoir. If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, experiment with radical ideas, dive deeper into the chrome-coated sea, or just try something a little new and a little different, then you’ll find the tools to do it here.

Morenoir offers:

  • Run-time Operations, the best tips and tricks from half a decade of running Technoir campaigns
  • Advanced Options, for taking your Technoir game to the next level
  • The Big Guide to Creating Technoir Transmissions, perfect for whether you’re visiting a new city or just want to restock and reboot where your players are now
  • Jeremy’s Guide to Writing Player’s Guides, giving you the full low-down on taking Technoir and making it your own

It’s dangerous out on the fringe. Let Morenoir be your guide.

$4.99 PDF
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The Adventure Maker
Steve Young

The Adventure Maker is a comprehensive guide to creating adventure modules for any setting or type of adventure. It provides several methods for creating plots and gives step by step advice for setting up hooks, events, encounters, rewards, opponents and locations, as well as creating key moments to make your adventure more exciting for your players. This Guide will also give detailed advice on how to run adventure games more efficiently and effectively, while providing easy methods to come up with a wealth of original and unique ideas. The guide is over two hundred pages long. It has over a hundred pages of tables for generating everything and anything you could possible need for your game, making it fun and interesting for you and your players. This guide will allow you to customise and tailor each adventure to make it truly memorable and enjoyable. Not just that, but unlike any other guide, it can help to unlock your creativity and imagination and bring your ideas and thoughts to life. This guide is primarily for creating adventure modules for role-playing games but it can also be used to create the foundation for any novel or short story.

$9.28 PDF
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Knights & Legends The Ezorian Beasts Supplement
Felix J.

Not long after the events which took place during the Rogue Priest campaign. A still wounded, now blind Templar, comes looking for you. He asks you to retrieve three ancient artifacts which belong to the Xhinian church. During the chaos these artifacts went missing and only now some clues to its whereabouts came to light. Templars aren’t know for their wealth, so there is not much he or the church can offer you...

$0.99 PDF
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SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain's Guide
Alan Bahr, Brandish Gilhelm, Jeff Cape, Josh Palmer, Matt McCloud, Jason Shain, Jodie Brandt, James M. Spahn, Brandon Aten, Eric Bloat

What is SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City?

From the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons comes SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City, a gritty, street-level, superhero game set in the near future.


Vigilante City is heavily inspired by Batman:  The Animated Series.  Along with the X-men, Spider-man and TMNT cartoons of the 1990s.


Vigilante City utilizes the familiar ruleset of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, mixing the old-school with modern mechanics for the best possible gaming experience. With it’s modular system design, you can easily play to the exact style of super’s game you want!

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide is designed with Game Masters in mind.  This book contains a detailed City Generator to allow the GM to build the exact city they want to base their game in.  There’s also, GM advice to running the game, a HUGE selection of villain-based Adventure Seeds, Quick NPC and Villain Generation Tables, Mutant Island Adventure/optional setting and so much more!

$7.49 PDF
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Cat's Cradle
Chris A. Field

Cat’s Cradle is the first in a series of short and mid-length sourcebooks detailing a particular piece of the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting. Cat’s Cradle represents one of the major points of divergence between the Psi-Watch version of Earth and our reality – it is an alternate vision of the urban American Mid-West, populated by a diverse array of Anthro denizens. Cat’s Cradle is a furry metropolis that used to be Omaha, Nebraska, in an alternate 1993 desperately in need of heroes.

Cat’s Cradle makes extensive use of concepts introduced in Fursona Unleashed, in particular detailing a variety of worshippers, both good and evil, for many of the various Anthro deities introduced in that book. This sourcebook takes the character creation ideas in Fursona Unleashed and makes them concrete. It grounds Anthro adventurers in a distorted, but recognizable version of modern America. Many of the plot hooks and threats introduced in this book make use of various monsters described in Secret Soldiers, giving gamemasters a good idea of how to use the diverse array of comic-inspired threats therein. Finally, some concepts introduced in Action Features and Cosmic Toybox are followed up on here, including the rebirth of the legendary Brightstar Order.

In 1971, a beam of blinding white light lanced out of Saturn’s moon, Ganymede, and bathed the Western Hemisphere in supernal radiance. When the light receded, roughly three percent of homo sapiens in the Americas, chosen seemingly at random, were no longer quite human. After long minutes of painful spasms and unnaturally rapid cellular mutation, the transformed rose on shaky legs as Anthros – furred, animalistic hybrids of man and beast. The survivors of the White Dawn picked up their lives as best they could, waiting for a staunchly anti-Mutant Congress to restore their full civil rights. Even when the legalities were settled, in late ’72, the newborn Anthro race faced the discrimination and fear that had nearly driven the Mutant subset of humanity into extinction.

Omaha, Nebraska was one of the few places in North America that offered a welcoming climate for those with fur and fangs. Gutted by the race riots of a decade prior, Omaha offered cheap land, cheaper rent and a desperation for civic resurrection. Over the next few years, Anthros from around the globe migrated into Omaha to rent apartments, buy homes, start businesses and live their lives with a level of equality offered by few other American cities. Their presence revitalized the city and its economy, as a host of Anthro-specialized businesses were born. In 1978, Omaha officially changed its name to Cat’s Cradle, Nebraska, celebrating its proud Anthro-majority populace (which was more than 60% felinoid).

$3.99 PDF
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Dragons Conquer America: New Dawn Campaign
JC Obal, Carlos GQ

The two campaigns featured in this book are the perfect companions to the core book. Each campaign will focus on a different group of characters, from very different backgrounds, to introduce you to the sheer diversity of adventures you can experience in Dragons Conquer America. 

THE EIGHT OMENS is the first of the two campaigns, and it will place you in the roles of a group of soon-to-be-sacrificed prisoners. Your mission will be to interpret the omens in the Netherworld and warn the Mexica Empire of the impending arrival of the Spaniards. 

THE CONQUISTADOR'S GOLD is the second of the campaigns, and in it you will play as a group of Spaniards who must secure the bounty known as "The Conquistador's Gold". 

Each campaign is designed to last for 8 to 12 sessions and includes everything you need to play it: pre-gen characters, a full rundown of NPCs and pieces of gear, and even a GM guide to help you track your player's progress.

$14.96 PDF
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Lovesick is a psychological horror game focusing on desperate, unstable romantics--and with a very unique twist.  Your group will play as the obsessive, dangerous, and painfully sincere main characters in a story of doomed courtship and warped romance.

Genresick is a supplement expanding Lovesick's intense, emotional gameplay into six new premises, providing original and unique settings, completely new additional mechanics, and guidance on how to structure a story using relationships and psychological strain as the focus of play.

In Sci-Fi, you'll find yourselves forced to live and work together to survive--but dizzyingly free to decide who has power, who has responsibility, and . . . who doesn't.

In Immersive Fantasy, you'll explore the ancient, complex, and ever-shifting politics of three intertwined peoples, as they turn a page in their shared history--and discover your own path as you guide that of your people.

In Espionage, surrounded by enemies and with no way to know who you can trust, everyone will find their breaking point, and each other's.

In Noir Crime Drama, your characters will wrestle with wrongful deeds, guilt, punishment, and desperation, and just might get involved in a criminal investigation on top of it.

In Sentai, you'll do battle with evil and save the day!  But is it really anything so wholesome and simple as friendship that unites the heroes?

And in Ghost-Apocalypse, you'll explore a truly unique take on apocalyptic settings and the aftermath of disaster, where the past not only isn't gone, but isn't even past.

In these thirty-six pages, you'll find entirely new mechanical rules, compatible with Succession, Chamber+Circle, and The Queen Smiles, as well as other mechanics sourced from Book of Sand, Substitute Reagents, and One Red.  You'll also find new storytelling and character guidance, and points of departure to incorporate material from these other titles by consilium games.

$3.00 PDF
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Die Screaming: Making Science Fun
Bryan Rantala

“His interest became a hellish and perverse addiction to the repellently and fiendishly abnormal; he gloated calmly over artificial monstrosities which would make most healthy men drop dead from fright and disgust.”

-     H.P. Lovecraft, Herbert West: Re-Animator (1922)

Making Science Fun is a free 53-page expansion for Die Screaming that requires the base game to play and introduces the following new content:

  • Seven new tropes. Burnout, Ham, Last of Your Kind, Pirate, The President, Rogue Ninja, and Time Traveler.
  • The Mad Scientist destiny. Destroy your enemies and “improve” your allies with forbidden knowledge and uncertain results.
  • The Werewolf destiny. Transform into a beast that feeds on the chaos of battle.
  • Five new downward spirals. Become an exohorror, mongrel, puppet master, technomage, or xenohorror.

What Is Die Screaming?

Die Screaming is a love letter to horror cinema of the last four decades. Every game of Die Screaming begins with a supernatural apocalypse and characters based on classic horror tropes.

As the game progresses, the survivors learn that to fight marauding armies of aliens, demons, eldritch abominations, mutants, zombies, and even vengeful angels, they must in turn become monsters.

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My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria - The Official Movie Sourcebook
Zak Barouh

Friendship comes in many colours!

Take your adventure far beyond Equestria’s borders with this: the first sourcebook for Tails of Equestria. Based on MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE, this book contains everything you need to bring new and exciting characters, locations, and stories to your Tails of Equestria game.

In this sourcebook you will find:
• Detailed descriptions of new areas outside Equestria, such as Klugetown and Mt Aris, and
advice on how to incorporate them into your game. You can even travel underwater as a
• Four new playable races: Cats, Parrots, Hippogriffs, and Lizardfolk.
• New rules options relating to factions, reputation, and vehicles—own and customise your own
• A brand new adventure set outside Equestria. Join Captain Rosella’s piratical quest for
treasure and stop the threat of the Storm King’s minions.
• Lots of new NPC stats, featuring all your favourite characters from MY LITTLE PONY: THE

...and much more!

$14.99 PDF
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Ur-Turuk City Guide
Graham Bottley

The ancient city of Ur-Turuk lies baking and dusty under a burning sun and is known as the City of the Sorcerers due to it’s most famous inhabitants.  

This companion volume to the “Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk RPG” core book brings you a detailed description of the history, streets, people and intrigues of this teeming metropolis.  

Explore the various city districts, meet the Factions vying for power and control, learn about the Gods both kind and terrifying and experience the vibrant life of the city.
This book is a perfect addition to any Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk campaign, but could easily be used with almost any Sword and Sorcery RPG.

Step through the Gates and lose yourself in Ur-Turuk!

$7.50 PDF; $28.00 Hardcover
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3Deep in the Wild West
Neal Litherland, Peter Rudin-Burgess

There have been so many classic TV series set in the Wild West that the setting is a rich seam for gaming inspiration. Series such as Gunsmoke (1955), Wagon Train (1957) and the classic Rawhide (1959) set the tone and that continues to this day with modern productions like Yellowstone (2018), Longmire (2012) and Damnation (2017).

What all these shows had in common was the struggle to live and succeed on the frontier where the law was weak or non-existent and everybody had to fight to survive every day, it was just the type of fight that varied.

3Deep is designed for episodic role play where every session is a ‘one shot’ or maybe a ‘two-parter’ adventure.

This is a genre and setting book that expands the core 3Deep Role Playing Game.


3Deep started life back in the late 80s as a set of house rules first of all and then as a personal rpg for my own use. It shares its DNA with the games I was playing at the time, Traveler, Champions and Car Wars.


Characters have Traveler style stats rolled on 2d6. When you take damage the damage comes directly off of your stats. This means no hit points. Take a bullet and it will slow you down!


Skills are also traveleresque. You game skill ranks from your characters cultural background and skills from their early years. The cultural skills are defined by the rules but your personal skills you just pick you suit your vision of your character. There are 21 skills in the game that are very broadly defined and you will start with 10 skill ranks to spread between them.

There is a unified critical success and failure system that makes use of the number of ones and sixes rolled that carries through skills, magic and combat.

Magic and Psionics

This is where the game shows its Champions/Hero System genes. You have a pool of magical points (mana)  and a menu of effects and their costs. You can define your own spells and scale them by putting more or less mana into the spell. There is a chapter of predefined spells to serve both as a model for creating your own and as a fast entry into casting spells. Psionics and magic are basically indistinguishable from a game mechanics point of view.


Combat is where taveler, Hero system and Car Wars all meet. Combat is dangerous, fast and interactive. You get to roll your attack and location, the defender gets a chance to defend themselves and if your attack succeeds you roll your damage and knockback. The combat round and movement is based on your characters stats with faster more nimble characters acting first and more often.

Vehicles and Vehicle Combat

There are simple rules for describing vehicles of all sorts from Stagecoaches to Battle Cruisers and handgliders. Vehicles have stats and damage comes off those stats making them harder to control or structuraly weaker.

Solo or Group Play

3Deep comes with a built in solo engine meaning you don't need a GM. Too many games get bought and never played. There is no excuse not to play 3Deep as you can play it whenever you have time to kill. The back of the book has a few quick reference sheets with all the rules. All you need add are some d6s, three should do.

$4.49 PDF
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The Njardangen Saga
Graham Bottley

This adventure for the Vikingr RPG is ideal as either a starter scenario or dropped into a longer campaign.  

The Viking characters are sent by their Jarl to deal with Bandits threatening a village to the north, an essential task if he is to keep the respect of his crews in the long term.  Dealing with a few bandit scum should be easy for a small group of tough Viking warriors right? 

This adventure incorporates several elements of the Vikingr RPG, including shieldwalls and warbands and has previously been run as a convention scenario in a shortened form.

$1.50 PDF
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The Accursed Village
Graham Bottley

Maelstrom Domesday is the new incarnation of Maelstrom, the classic RPG from 1984.  This supplement to the core rulebook contains a detailed description of the North Yorkshire Moors, an area of wild and lonely countryside to the north and east of the city of York.

This is the fifth in a line of Adventure Shards - Investigation outlines with all of the core details required to play for one or two sessions.

This Shard has the investigators being sent to a deserted village seemingly under a long standing curse, with orders to make it a profitable manor once again.  What has caused the curse, and can the Investigators do anything about it?


This book requires the Maelstrom Domesday RPG Core book.

$2.25 PDF
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