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This Year's Registered Supplements

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Conspiracy of Shadows: Companion
Keith Senkowski
The Conspiracy of Shadows: Companion adds additional tool kits for Players and Game Masters to use. This book of odds and ends will make that search for the truth that much more enjoyable. Within you will find:
An in depth guide for creating conflicts.
Tools for bringing cities to life.
A blueprint for creating dynamic cults.
A detailed look at the uncanny, horror and religion in gameplay plus much more.
$14.00 Hardcopy, $6.00 PDF
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Dial S For Superhumans
Chad Underkoffler
Dial S for Superhumans is a free supplement containing 30 illustrated superhuman characters for your Truth & Justice campaign! (36 pages; ~2MB)
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JAGS Wonderland
Marco Chacon
JAGS Wonderland (and the companion title The Book of Knots) are JAGS's modern-day surreal horror worldbooks informed by the works of Lewis Carroll.

Reality is composed of eight chessboards each at a different level. Wonderland is an infectious, aggressive alternate reality. When you are infected with Wonderland you start having "episodes" and undergoing "descent" to lower chessboards. This is terrifying, dangerous, and eventually you might not come back.

Wonderland is seeping in through the cracks in our reality and it's getting stronger.

Someone saw this coming--an Oxford mathematician. He wrote two books: encoded survival guides disguised as children's stories. Each has exactly 12 chapters. Each details one kind of descent: Controlled (where the metaphor is chess and the chararacter crawls through a mirror) and Uncontrolled (where the metaphor is cards and the character falls down a rabbit hole).

They are some of the most widely quoted works in the English language--but almost no one knows what they really mean.

Find out in JAGS Wonderland.
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Burning Sands: Jihad
Luke Crane
A science fiction space opera supplement to the Burning Wheel; a work of loving homage and a dark nod to contemporary politics.
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The Fringe
Daniel Bayn
A Wushu setting where paranoid schizophrenics bend reality with the force of their delusions. Merovingians do battle with the armies of Satan while Xenomancers tangle with the Hounds of Tindalos and alien abductees show the New World Order where to stick it. Includes guidelines for on-the-fly character creation and some insane examples of play.

Sanity is a one trick pony.
$4.00 PDF
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