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Welcome to the 2006 Indie RPG Awards!


2006 is a year for new things. Not just new games, but new ways of looking at games. There have been many developments in the Indie RPG community, including the launch of Indie Press Revolution, the growth of podcasts, and increased exposure of indie games. Independent games are growing more mature as a field, and they need new perspectives to judge them.

         This was my sophmore year as administrator of the Indie RPG Awards, and I felt a little more confident as I announced the winners at GenCon Indy 2007. There were a fair selection of authors there, and a festive atmosphere of giving out the prizes.

         This year, there wwere close contests for Game of the Year, Best Support, Best Free Game, and Most Innovative. In contrast, Supplement of the Year and Best Production had clear front-runners. Congratulations to the winners all, and here's to next year.