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This Sub-Award goes to the designer who makes not only excellent games of rules and settings, but makes excellent games that are imminently readable and catchy to the eye. It could be through primarily layout and desktop publishing skills, followed by the use of art (not necessarily the best art, just art used to maximize the effect of the layout), innovative or creative new methods of game layout, clarity and readability of the text, materials used in the construction of the game, or, in the case of PDF games, the most effective use of all the features of PDF publishing. This award goes to the game or supplement that shows off the best "Mad Graphical Design and Layout Skillz".

THE Best Production FOR 2009 IS...

Lady Blackbird: Adventures in the Wild Blue Yonder by John Harper / with 29 points

Damn, he's good.

Attractive art and design make this excellent free product really stand out.



Fiasco by Jason Morningstar / with 22 points

Saul Bass-flavored goodness! Beautiful.

Cracking graphical presentation.

Slick and stylish. A really, really classy presentation of a product.

A charming approach to design and layout. Clean, easy to read, and bright. The well chosen colours and attractive aesthetic choices make this a stand-out product.

Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying by Colin Chapman / with 19 points

A Penny for My Thoughts by Paul Tevis / with 16 points

Paul Tevis is a handsome man. Putting his face in his game made it handsome!

Beautifully presented and laid out.

Diaspora by B. Murray, C.W. Marshall, T. Dyke, and B. Kerr / with 16 points

Umläut: Game of Metal by Rich Stokes / with 15 points

Paul Bourne's design skills continue to go from strength to strength.

It's the fake posters and flyers that really make Umlaut stand out. With a knowing eye for metal and punk tropes, Paul Bourne has crafted a fictional set of bands that would make you cheer and boo in equal measure.

The Drifter's Escape by Ben Lehman / with 13 points

Fiction and game, beatifully matched and elegantly presented. Worthy of notice beyond the realms of the hobby and genre industries. Great illustrations by Anna Kreider.

Love the physical combining of fiction with the game inspired by it. Love the stories. Love the physicality of the book, the tactile character of the paper; it looks as if it certainly must smell like your favorite pipe tobacco.

44: A Game of Automatic Fear by Matt Snyder / with 11 points

Top quality production.

Ribbon Drive by Joe McDonald / with 11 points

Looks good, has a CD.

Witch Girls Adventures by Malcolm Harris / with 11 points

The production value is very attractive. Although I will never play the game, I bought the PDF on the style.

The Day After Ragnarok by Kenneth Hite / with 11 points

Montsegur 1244 by Frederik J. Jensen / with 10 points

A finely crafted game with elements that inspire and support play at every step. Design that grounds the players in the period, opens up the inner worlds of the characters and supports well-structured, improvisational play.

Kagematsu by Danielle Lewon / with 9 points

It comes with a handmade GM screen!

Bloodstained Stars by Sydney Freedberg / with 6 points

The Dance and the Dawn by Dev Purkayastha / with 6 points

Under-appreciated and genuinely classy production from ndp design.

Chronica Feudalis: A Game of Imagined Adventure in Medieval Europe by Jeremy Keller / with 6 points