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At the top of each page on this site, there are one or two banner ads. I'm offering one-year contracts (until next year's awards) for the low price of $25US. NOTE: If you are a designer, and offer $25 or more worth of products for the awards, this counts as well! With this price, you get to submit your standard sized (468x60 pixel, animated is ok) banner to "The Pool". From that point on, every time each page loads your banner has an equal chance of being seen as the rest of the sponsors.

Remember, the revenue from banner ads goes straight to the awards (not our pockets), so think of it as a donation to a good cause that in turn generates interest in your product!

All sponsors will get listed on the Sponsor Page, which includes the banner ad (again) and your text blurb regarding your site/product.

If you're interested, please fill out and submit the following information, and after reviewing it I'll contact you for your banner within 48 hours.

What Service, URL etc you represent
How you plan on paying
Products and Swag!
Cash - Paypal
Cash - Check or Other

Thanks in advance! There are several ways of donating to these awards, of which this is just one. If you want to find out other ways you can help, please click HERE.