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This Year's Registered Games

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Mutant Future
Daniel Proctor and Ryan Denison

The sinister and sadistic bleating of spidergoats echoes in the night, a complementary chorus to the rustling of an unfortunate victim caught in their webs. In deep, dank caves to the north, corrupted humans take communion with an unspeakably evil abomination they worship as a god. Shrill cries from the fields can only mean the vomit flies are back, molesting your livestock.

In short, just another day in the Mutant Future!

Mutant Future is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG, in the same flavor of similar genre games from the late 70s and early 80s.

From the back cover:

Enter a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland filled with mutants, ruins, and radiation! You can take the role of an android, mutant human, mutant animal, pure human, and even a mutant plant! Seek wealth and ancient technological artifacts. Enter vast underground complexes, and avoid killer robots!

$22.95 Hardcopy (softcover), FREE! PDF
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Houses of the Blooded
John Wick

The new game by the Origins Award-winning author of Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea!

Ambition. Lust. Revenge. You cannot have one without the others.

Thousands of years ago, the ven ruled the world. They were a passionate people, obsessed with Romance and Revenge, opera and theater, and all the forbidden delights their decadent culture provided. In the end, that which made them beautiful was also the key to their own destruction. Houses of the Blooded is a game about tragic obsession. Set in the fantastic world of ven myth and legend, players take the roles of powerful characters bent on conquering their world, destroying their enemies and possessing all they desire.

The Standard Edition version of the game includes:

  • Systems for The Duel, Warfare, Romance, Revenge and Art
  • A huge Narrator chapter, filled with advice for new and experienced game masters
  • "Seasons": a system for long-term goals usually absent in most fantasy roleplaying games
  • Both "friendly game" and "cut-throat" modes for players who enjoy a quiet game with friends and those who love destroying their favorite enemies

Welcome to the world of the ven.

$45.00 Hardcopy, $5.00 PDF
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Ngenesis: the Trials of Flesh
Justin Killam

Ngenesis is a genre-blend of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, and theological RPGing, where the characters are modern gods rising once more after an unknown period of slumber. They must rediscover their power and rediscover the world of flesh they left behind. Their goal is nothing short of dominion over all. Uses the Providence System and is an experiment in non-canonical RPGing, where there is no single canon storyline or setting.

$27.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Barbarians of Lemuria
Simon Washbourne

"It is an age of warriors, when strong men and beautiful women, soldiers and savants, magicians and gladiators battle to carve a bloody path to lead to the Throne of the Lemuria. It is an age of legends and valiant sagas too. And this is one of them"

The Barbarians of Lemuria; swords & sorcery roleplaying, inspired by Thongor, Conan, Elric and Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser.

$16.50 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Mouse Guard
Luke Crane and David Petersen

Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game for the Mouse Guard comic book series! The game is intended for all ages and levels of game-playing experience by award-winning game designer Luke Crane and is based on a simplified version of his Burning Wheel rules system (also used for the Origins Award winning RPG of 2007, Burning Empires).

$34.95 Hardcopy, $20.00 PDF
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3:16 Carnage Among the Stars
Gregor Hutton

3:16 designed by Gregor Hutton (Best Friends) is a winner of a High Ronny Award for Games Design.

Featuring a stunning cover by Paul Bourne (a|state, Cold City, Hot War) and haunting interiors by Gregor Hutton 3:16 is a visual treat.

This high-octane Science-Fiction role-playing game for 2 or more players has your Space Troopers killing bugs all across the Cosmos. You’ll advance in rank, improve your weapons, slay civilization after civilization and find out who you are through an innovative “Flashback” mechanic.

Terra’s plan is to kill every living thing in the Universe to protect the home world. See where your tour of duty in the 3:16th Expeditionary Force takes you and your friends. Revel in the kill-happy machismo and enjoy a campaign of Carnage Amongst The Stars.

3:16 is a Science-Fiction role-playing game about Carnage Amongst The Stars.

  • Take your squad of kill-happy Troopers and annihilate bugs!
  • Low preparation, elegant game system.
  • Delivers developing campaign play.
  • Lavishly illustrated and designed book.
  • Winner of a High Ronny Award for Games Design for the original version.
$20.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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In Harm's Way: Aces And Angels
clash bowley

In Harm's Way: Aces And Angels is a roleplaying game about being a fighter pilot during World War II. Aces And Angels is designed to emulate the feel of the historical aviation adventures of Tora Tora Tora, Black Sheep Squadron, Flying Leathernecks, and many others rather than the actual history. As such, it's heavy on the adventure and romance, and light on the details.

In Harm's Way: Aces And Angels uses the StarCluster 2.5 System, with some significant differences:

  • Play British, American, German, Japanese, Soviet, or Italian characters.
  • Play Army, Marine or Naval characters.
  • Troupe Play: Players play three characters, a Pilot Officer, a staff Officer, and a Ground Crewman.
  • Honor/Practicality Mechanic: Adds to your chance of success due to your reputation.
  • Interest and Notice: You have to accumulate Notice - the approval of your superiors - and add your Interest - your family's political clout - to advance in rank. You are born with Interest, but in order to get Notice, you have to burn with zeal and throw yourself headlong in harm's way.
  • Competitive Play: There can be only one Leader. One hero. Is it going to be you, or the guy sitting next to you?
  • Directed hots: You can take hits in your pilot armor, recieving damage yourself, in your tanks, losing fuel, or on your plane's frame, damaging your craft's ability to maneuver - or you can allocate it to your plane's general damage.
  • New Dogfighting system with 8 iconic fighters of the War on individual Dogfighting Sheets, and 57 more fighters in tabular form you can use to create your own dogfighting sheets. There are also many more attack aircraft - bombers, torpedo planes, recon planes, and transports - in tabular form.
$26.83 Hardcopy, $12.00 PDF
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In Harm's Way: Wild Blue
clash bowley and Michael Scott

In Harm's Way: Wild Blue is a roleplaying game about modern mercenaries, the world they live in, and the things they do.

In Harm's Way: Wild Blue uses the StarCluster 2.5 System, with some significant differences:

  • Play Fighter, Strike, Slick, or Gunship pilots, or SpecOps, Infantry, Armored, or Brown Water Navy characters.
  • Play characters with Army, Marine, Air Force, or Naval backgrounds from anywhere in the world.
  • Troupe Play: Players play several characters, each type representing one aspect of the Mercenary Company, as well as Staff Characters to run your Company.
  • Honor/Practicality Mechanic: Adds to your chance of success due to your reputation.
  • Notice: You have to accumulate Notice - the approval of your superiors - to advance in rank. In order to get Notice, you have to burn with zeal and throw yourself headlong in harm's way.
  • Competitive Play: There can be only one Leader. One hero. Is it going to be you, or the guy sitting next to you?
  • Create your own Mercenary Company and shape it to do the things you want to do.
  • Create Contracts for your Company, and negotiate for what you want and need.
  • Dogfighting system adapted to modern jets from the IHW:Aces In Spades and IHW:Aces And Angels games.
  • New Beyond Visual Range missile combat system.
  • Surface combat system for Riverine/Littoral boats and ground vehicles adapted from the Dogfighting rules.
  • Personality Traits give your character bonuses in various situations.
  • Professional Edges give your character bonuses in other situations.
  • Specialty Schools make your character ultra-skilled and competent at a young age.
$29.38 Hardcopy, $12.00 PDF
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A Flower for Mara
Seth Ben-Ezra

She died that night. She was the light of my days, the glory of my existence. Cut down like a flower in the prime of her life. Now, I stand at her grave. They're lowering her in. It wasn't supposed to be like this. A Flower for Mara is an improvisational play about death, loss, grief, and hope. In it, the cast members portray the immediate family of Mara, a woman who has died unexpectedly, during the first year after her death. We will see them deal with their loss - will they be able to lay aside their grief and continue on with their lives, or will they be trapped by their sorrow, unable to move forward?

$15.00 Hardcopy, $7.00 PDF
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Alpha Omega
David Carter and Earl Fischl

Alpha Omega is a thrilling, comprehensive, and adaptable role-playing game. Alpha Omega provides players a unique and innovative rule set with optional layers of complexity. These optional rules are presented to add realism and strategy, but can be set aside to simplify and expedite game play.

Players find themselves in a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic Earth where mankind stands on the brink of extinction. Our planet is about to become the battleground for otherworldly creatures of incredible power as they wage an ancient war. The End of Times seems to have arrived. Are angels and demons walking among us, or is there a larger chain of events unfolding? All is not lost... Alliances are forming and mankind is learning to evolve and unlock its hidden potential... Heroes are emerging... heroes like you.

The Core Rulebook is a 404 page, full color illustrated guide with hundreds of pieces of fantastic art, created by some of the most talented artists in the industry, that truly bring the world of Alpha Omega to life.

The Alpha Omega Core Rulebook has been nominated for two Ennie Awards for Best Production Value and Best Interior Art.

Are you ready to create your character and enter the world of Alpha Omega? The Alpha Omega Core Rulebook has everything you need.

$44.95 Hardcopy
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Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone
Mike Fiegel and Jerry D. Grayson

In ancient times, the spacefaring Hellenes and their Gods defeated an empire that threatened the entire galaxy. Now, after centuries of darkness, their enemies have returned for a final reckoning, and only a chosen few -- wielding the power of the Gods -- stand between them and certain destruction.

Hellas is an exciting fusion of high drama, action-adventure, romance, mythology-infused space opera and science fiction that features:

  • Extensive history and character background set in the world of Hellas
  • A style sheet for life in the galaxy of the Hellenes
  • Over 30 pre-constructed vehicles including star ships
  • Eight thoroughly explored factions and alien races: Amazorans, Goregons, Hellenes, Myrmidons, Nephelai, Nymphas, Kyklopes, and Zintar
  • Awesome Godly Powers and Feats befitting a champion of the galaxy
  • Clear and concise rules for the gift of the Gods of legendary power.
$45.95 Hardcopy, $19.99 PDF
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In a Wicked Age: sword & sorcery roleplaying
Vincent Baker

In this wicked age...
...Gods, demons and mortals contend with one another for power...
...Law and civilization are new, and no one is their master...
...A simple midwife can set in motion the downfall of tyrants and great empires...
...Your birth is not yours to choose, but your fate is what you make of it.

$12.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Story Cards
Carl Klutzke

StoryCards is a roleplaying game that can be played from start to end in four hours, with no prior preparation. It uses a special deck of cards to inspire creativity, enabling you to create richly detailed characters and adventures in less than an hour, for any setting you can imagine. And it uses minimalistic, common-sense rules to keep the adventure moving quickly.

$16.98 Hardcopy
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Starblazer Adventures
Chris Birch and Stuart Newman

Starblazer Adventures is based on the classic British comic series, Starblazer, from the 1970’s and 80’s. Each of Starblazer's 281 issues explored a whole adventure set within the vast galactic empires of the far future, giving this massive 632 page roleplaying game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment a wide variety of settings to explore. From low-fi space exploration to galaxy-busting wars to space fantasy epics at the end of time, there is plenty for everyone.

Starblazer Adventures is powered by the critically acclaimed FATE rules system. FATE was recently seen in action with Evil Hat Productions' popular Spirit of the Century RPG and has been tweaked to give Starblazer players the full intergalactic meal deal. FATE lets you leave the maths behind and really focus on exciting stories. There are many options to let you skip the more detailed rules and keep it lite and fast or play starships, star monsters and even whole empires just like characters. For those familiar with FATE we’ve added new FATE rules for alien powers, robots, vehicles, starships, giant war machines, empires, equipment, careers and more.

The core release includes three detailed settings based on the very best stories from Starblazer. It detail recurring characters, organisations, empires and aliens such as the Fi-Sci (the Fighting Scientists of Galac Squad), The Star Patrol, The Suicide Squad, The Planet Tamer, Cinnibar the barbarian warrior of Babalon and galactic cop Frank Carter to name just a few.

Choose from 8 alien races or play whole star empires! There’s over 100 worlds, 70 heroes, alien races, monsters & starships. There’s an introductory adventure & tons of support for Story Tellers including adventure seeds, several plot & planet generators and over 400 pieces of inspirational art! Watch out for online adventures, supplements and adventure tools.

£34.99 Hardcopy, $30.00 PDF
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Zombie Cinema
Eero Tuovinen

This story game is about the zombie apocalypse and the desperate choices of the survivors. Not only do these characters scramble over each other trying to find safety, but they may also cooperate and even sacrifice themselves so at least a few might survive the story.

Zombie Cinema is quick to set up, easy to learn and it’s designed to play from start to finish in one evening, making for an excellent party game or a first step into a new hobby. The game box includes everything required to create stories of survival horror with your friends.

$20.00 Hardcopy
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Solar System
Eero Tuovinen

The Solar System is a roleplaying game rules set for heroic tales and fantastic drama. It's strengths are in growth stories with developing player characters who ultimately end up with the power to make world-shaking choices of their own. Players independently choose the Keys that provide their characters with experience, making for a fun and flexible system where gathering experience points actually drives the story and develops character in more ways than just statistically. The system is basically the same as presented in the popular fantasy adventure rpg Shadow of Yesterday, except for some minor updates, clarifications and a rewrite to make it usable in a wide variety of genres. Most of the new material concerns itself with advice and methods for fitting the rules-set into your preferred genre on your own.

$5.00 Hardcopy
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Chaos 6010 A.D.
Brandon Williams

Dark sci-fi RPG. Demons from Nacadia have entered our dimension through the largest Soul Gate known to destroy our worlds and turn them into a paradox realm of chaos.

$34.95 Hardcopy
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Helix: The Post Apocalypse, High-Tech, Fantasy, Western Role Playing Game
Adam J. Weber

Technology took the world back to an age of cowboys, high noon duels, saloons, and magic. The Waste is a terrible place to live. The Umbrea Corporation owned City-States abuse you. The terrain and its creatures abuse you. Your fellow denizens abuse you. Survival is war. In Helix: The Post Apocalypse, High-Tech, Fantasy, Western Role Playing Game, you take the Role of one of the denizens of the Wastelands. There are Cyber Mystics, those who see and wield the secrets of the Code that makes the world. Code Slingers are magic casting programmers, grafted to small CompDecks that change the world. Bullets fly fast and furiously around Gun Jacks and Gun Jills, cybernectically enhanced gun arsenals. And never, ever under estimate the Average Joe or Plain Jane.

$12.00 Hardcopy, $5.00 PDF
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Sons of Liberty
Josh Roby

Have you ever had Alexander Hamilton wind up your clockwork power armor, jump out of Thomas Paine's ornithopter, and land in the middle of the Battle of Yorktown to punch General Cornwallis in the face?


Well... would you like to?

Physical Specifications:

  • 160 pages
  • 6" x 9" format
  • Softcover
  • Perfect Bound

Take on the role of the Founding Fathers to kick ass and take names for truth, justice, and the American way in the only Roleplaying Game of Freedom and Badassery.

The game's fast-paced card mechanics ensure high-action madness and revolutionary heroics. If you are playing Benjamin Franklin and you aren't swinging an electrified kite over your head to clear the streets of redcoats, then you are playing it wrong.

$25.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Awesome Adventures
Willow Palecek

You want Adventure? Awesome! Awesome Adventures is a game of over-the-top action adventure, using the award-winning FATE rules. The rules are written with the goal of quick, easy, fast-moving play, allowing a group of friends to experience their own adventure in only a few hours. Awesome Adventures- the Game of Awesome Adventures!

$19.97 Hardcopy, $5.00 PDF
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Serial Homicide Unit
Kat Miller and Michael S. Miller

A killer hunts the innocent. Can you stop the murders?

Track down a killer. Bring a rampaging serial killer to justice as you portray investigators of the elite Serial Homicide Unit. Thrill to the terror as you follow the lives of the killer's next victims.

No rules to read! The unique audio format allows you to play the moment you want to. Print a few documents supplied, gather a group of three to six players who have about three hours to play, and you're ready to go! Play the first .mp3 file and narrator Russell Collins will explain how to play the game step-by-step.

$15.00 PDF (+MP3)
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Sweet Agatha
Kevin Allen Jr.

One morning Agatha was gone –vanished without a trace– leaving everything behind, her apartment reduced to a collection of objects from a life interrupted. It falls on you to find her, but to do so you will have to make some hard choices.

Sweet Agatha is a bridge between the worlds of traditional fiction and cooperative storytelling. An engrossing mystery presented in a collection artifacts including a poster and a gorgeous 30+ page full color journal.

These items tell the story of Agatha’s sudden disappearance, casting you, the reader, as the sole person looking for answers. Exploring the complex, stylized, and often cryptic journal, you will become an active and integral part of the story. Play begins as soon as you start reading. Eventually you will share the experience with a friend, and together you will complete the story of Sweet Agatha through simple, driven, collaborative storytelling.

Sweet Agatha is a reading experience unlike any other. It captures the excitement of a good book or film AND allows the reader and his or her friends to actively participate in the story. This isn’t a hokey “chose your own adventure.” This isn’t another mystery novel. Sweet Agatha is a uniquely designed artifact that readers participate in. The act of reading and manipulating the pages changes the outcome of the story. You are in control of Agatha’s destiny. You will decide how it all ends. Not quite a game and not quite a novel, Sweet Agatha is a unique product pushing the boundaries of both mediums.

$16.00 Hardcopy
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Arsenal of Heaven
Tim Gray

You had normal lives before you were Armed.

Now you are plunged into a world of shape-twisted monsters who feed on suffering, sorcerers pursuing forbidden power, crimelords and secret government projects.

But that’s okay. You’ve got two things going for you: determination, and the Weapons of the gods. Time to introduce them to the monkey king’s staff, the thunderer’s hammer, the messenger’s sandals, the devil-slaying sword...

'The Arsenal of Heaven' is a roleplaying game of modern supernatural fantasy, based around the short and simple NUGGET rules.

$16.95 Hardcopy, $6.95 PDF
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Annalise Eternal Tears PDF Edition
Nathan Paoletta

A dark-haired woman, staring out of stained glass, watching faces form in the rain. An ancient evil, unearthed for the first time since antiquity, re-learning the limits of its power. A hero, noble and pious, unable to accept the responsibility that is his birthright. A child, shedding a single tear while waiting for her mother to return. Two lovers, intertwined in a bower, each speckled with red, red blood.

The Vampire is out there. You are it's enemies, its lovers and its servants. How will you confront the darkness awaiting you?

Annalise is a game about making Vampire stories. Each player takes on the role of a protagonist in the story you are about to create together, with the understanding that these characters are the victims, hunters and tools of the Vampire. The best example is that you are playing the story of Dracula with one person in the role of Mina Harker, one as Van Helsing, one as Renfield. The Vampire in your game, like Dracula, is what drives the plot, but it is not a protagonist. Every game of Annalise involves the characters discovering the influence of the Vampire in their lives, and builds up to a confrontation with the creature, for good or ill.

This is a game about pain, hunger and redemption. Pain, because the Vampire is only attracted to the vulnerable, those people who have experienced pain, suffering or loss in their lives. Hunger, because the Vampire hungers for that pain. Redemption, because there is always the possibility of redeeming your actions and desires - if you wish it.

Annalise is a game for two to four players, and can take a variable amount of time to play. A short, intense game can be played in four hours. A long, languid, slow-burning game can take up to 20 hours, broken into 3 or 4 hour sessions. The game is suited for people of all gaming backgrounds.

$12.00 PDF
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Sea Dracula
Jake Richmond, Nick Smith

Animal City is a magical town full of hardworking talking animals with crazy names and silly opinions. The city is famous for it's nonsensical legal system, where the lawyers are responsible not just for prosecuting cases but also for fighting monsters and throwing parties. This was the legendary legal system pioneered by that great giraffe lawyer, Sea Dracula!

Sea Dracula is a dancing role-playing game by award winning game designers Nick Smith and Jake Richmond. Play by pretending to be crazy animal lawyers who are prosecuting an important case in Animal City's highest court!

$2.00 Hardcopy, FREE! PDF
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Charles Rice

Welcome to Modern20 -- RPGObjects' new modern RPG of action and adventure. As a company, RPGObjects has always been a strong supporter of modern and science-fiction gaming. It's in our blood. So you might be asking, why a new modern system? The truth is there are a lot of things that the modern core rules do very well. But other things could be improved.

As a game master who has run modern d20 since before the core rules were released (we were given a pre-release copy of the rules) and as a long-time modern gamer before that in point-based systems both generic and heroic, I wanted to draw on that experience to create a faster-playing, smoother, more action-packed modern experience. At the same time, I wanted to streamline skills and add depth to character creation, making it a richer experience, while hopefully not a longer experience.

The result, after years of thought, hundreds of game sessions, and a lot of discussion is the book you're holding now. We hope you'll agree with us when we say it's modern to the 20th power.

$25.95 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Karma Roleplaying System
Julie Ann Dawson

Control your character’s destiny in ways you never thought possible! The Karma Roleplaying System offers you a unique modular system that lets you build the character you always wanted to play. No levels or classes. No arbitrary restrictions. Create your own races. Design your own spells. Build your own magical items. All using an easy-to-follow point system.

Planning the Game: Advice for Storytellers on how to approach the system and customize it for the type of game you want to play.
Basic Game Mechanics: The basic game rules for ability checks, distance and movement, carrying capacity, body mass and damage, combat, and more.
Character Creation: Detailed help to allow players to maximize the potential of their characters. Information on putting character professions and specialties to the best use. Heroic Healing. Powers and race creation. Equipping characters. Earning experience and training points.
Elements of Magic: Complete details on how to build spells from scratch. Spell evolution. Dozens of pre-generated spells to edit, advance, or use as-is. Magical Disciplines. Creating magic items. Sample magic items.
The Art of War: Martial Disciplines. Advanced combat rules. Weapon and armor charts with weapon specializations.
For Storytellers: Encounter planning. Sample NPCs. Monster creation rules and sample monsters. Alternate Wealth Rating system to simplify in-game accounting. Alternative Reputation Rating system to help encouraging roleplaying.

Everything you need is in this one book. Additional supplements expand on the information in the core book, providing storytellers and players with additional ready-made material to use and additional inspiration for their own creations.

$11.99 PDF
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Bounty Head Bebop
JP deHénaut

Based in a time where the worst criminals and scum run free, the Police have no choice but to hire more Bounty Hunters for help. Are you ready to hunt these villains down? Are you ready to make lots of money?

Then you're ready for the Bounty Head Bebop RPG. Set in a gritty near future and based on high-octane anime, Bounty Head Bebop is a wild ride through the new Solar Frontier. Full of fast-paced action and sizzling drama, Bounty Head Bebop lets you play solar system-spanning anime-style adventures and live the “never say die, say profit” life of the bounty hunters of the 'far modern' future.

The Bounty Head Bebop RPG is powered by the Inverted 20 system, which uses a single d20 for all rolls and offers a quick and easy resolution, but it's not rules light. It's rules quick. This book is all you need to get started in the world of Bounty Head Bebop, including an overview of the universe, rules for psychics, space ships to fly across the solar system, and all the guns you need to put a hole into your next bounty. Also included is a full adventure "Small Fry" which launches your Bounty Hunting career with a big bang.

Welcome to Bounty Head Bebop.

$14.00 PDF
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Hot War
Malcolm Craig

London. Winter. 1963.

It is a year since the Cold War went hot.

And this was not just a nuclear war. Far more sinister, darker weapons were deployed from the shadows.

Survival and re-building are all that matter now. But human nature and tragic circumstances mean that everyone has their own ambitions.

...a Government desperate to hold on to what remains of the country.

...military forces who wish to expand their power and influence.

...frightened and brutalised refugees who simply want a place to call home.

Into this maelstrom steps the Special Situations Group, a motley band of men and women tasked with the jobs too dirty or dangerous for anyone else.

This is Hot War: a game of friends, enemies, secrets and consequences in the aftermath.

This alternative history/horror game for three or more participants has players dealing with life a year after the apocalypse. You'll confront hidden agendas, sinister factional machinations and see the changes in relations with friends and enemies.

Hot War allows both short term and campaign play, with a system that allows the group to work out exactly the kind of game they want to play amongst the wreckage of 1960s London.

$22.40 Hardcopy, $10.40 PDF
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The Cog Wars: Zero Edition
JL Williams, Dmitri Arbacauskas, Robert Earley-Clark, Levi Kornelsen, Tony Lower-Basch, Stephen Lea Sheppard

The Cog Wars is a steampunk game set in a fantastical city. The players take on the role of rebels, fighting evil and corrupt masterminds.

If you have a bunch of people looking to play together at having wild adventures in a seriously messed-up, screwball world, this is the right book. If the order of the day is action, melodrama, hijinks, and black comedy, set against a background that also includes issues of a serious nature, this is the game for you. Commit cartoon mayhem in the name of vigilante justice! Free robotic slaves! Cast down oppressive industrialists!

If all that strikes you as a good time waiting to happen? We agree!

$5.00 PDF
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Shell Shock

Shell Shock puts you in the role of young recruits sent to the frontlines. Facing the hardships of military life and war they will have to make tough choices to survive.

Shell Shock is a set of rules which will allow you to tell the stories of these soldiers. There are no predetermined setting. You can tell the stories of US soldiers confronted to the horrors of the Korean war or the lives of guerilla fighters on the Polar front of the Mars independance war of 2135. Whatever the setting, the question remains the same : how far will they go to survive ?

More Information
StarSIEGE: Event Horizon
Josh Chewning

Beyond the next horizon lies the uncharted future where science and fiction merge, a line beyond which lies a stellar wilderness defined by our own imagination. StarSIEGE Event Horizon is a science fiction role playing game whose unique design allows you to set the tone and mood of the game. With this rules set you can play gritty, realistic sci fi or range out to the epic space operas or pulp serials of screen and television. StarSIEGE Event Horizon is your toolkit for bringing worlds of fantastic science and adventure to life.

This all-in-one Role Playing Game is brought to you from the Makers of Castles & Crusades. Designed and written by Josh Chewning, StarSIEGE Event Horizon uses the popular Siege Engine™ whose simple unifying mechanic makes role playing easy and fun. StarSIEGE Event Horizon is designed for any age and its easy to grasp rules invite gamers of all stripes to venture into worlds of their own making.

StarSIEGE Event Horizon is the point of no return for all Science Fiction Role Playing Games.

$29.95 Hardcopy (Boxed Set), $19.95 PDF
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Jamie Gooch, Stephen Herron, and Matt Somers

High Fantasy, Brought Low.

The sky turned red, the ground split, the oceans flooded, fire rained down, mythical beasts awoke and magic lashed out. When the Night of Fire ended, nine out of every 10 people in Scondera were dead. The Long Winter killed countless more.

You survived.

Desolation is a post-apocalyptic fantasy roleplaying game set 18 months after a high-fantasy world was nearly brought to an end. You create a character who survived the devastation. Will you seize power amidst the chaos, help to rebuild civilization, remap the twisted remains of the world ... or will you even survive another day?

The story is yours to tell.

Desolation's 256 pages contain everything needed to play, including a complete setting, seven playable races, free-form magic rules and the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, which emphasizes story and streamlined gaming.

$39.99 Hardcopy, $20.00 PDF
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Duty & Honour
Neil Gow

Europe is aflame!

The Emperor Napoleon rules Europe and his armies press through the Iberian Peninsular to gain total control! Only the British Army, under the Duke of Wellington, and their allies can save the day.

Inspired by the adventures of Richard Sharpe and Matthew Hervey, Duty & Honour is a roleplaying game where you take the role of soldiers and officers in Wellington's army. The game features a unique Mission system, which embeds the feeling of a military game whilst ensuring that everyone - commanding officer to private soldier - gets the same time in the spotlight. The abstract Skirmish system brings company sized combats to the table with your characters at the centre, powering the battle with your decisions.

Prime your musket! Loosen your sabre! Fix your bayonet! The future of Europe depends on you!

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Gates & Gorgons

Gates & Gorgons is a fantasy rpg using Rafael Chandler's Disciple 12 rules from Dread : the First Book of Pandemonium.

If you want a slogan we might call it a "traditionnal game with an Indie game feel" but that feels kinda stupid.

Gates & Gorgons comes with everything you need to play (except players, dice and pizzas) : character creation, rules, monsters, magic,a scenario generator and the famous G&G Bloodbath Map™.

Download the rules, read them, grab some friends, create characters, use the scenario generator. You'll be playing a Gates & Gorgons game in less time you need to say "4th edition" (or 2 hours according to playtests).

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Exquisite Replicas
Lee Foster, Monica Valentinelli, John R. Phythyon Jr., Jr., Werner Hager, Todd Cash

An alien reality is infiltrating our world, replacing it piece by piece. Horrific creatures slink about unseen, stealing indiscriminately and leaving exact replicas in their wake. These simulacra are indistinguishable from the originals, and there’s no telling what will be the next target. It might be the fire hydrant down the street, the local post office, or an aged Merlot in a private wine cellar. A person can also be replicated and replaced… your neighbors, your friends, your family—anyone can be next. Even you.

There are a few men and women who can see the invaders creeping about our world. They wage a quiet war against the enemy while those who they struggle to protect recognize nothing of their sacrifice. They are the Anonymous, tragic heroes who risk more than just their lives in the struggle against the enemy; they risk their humanity.

Exquisite Replicas is a role-playing game of paranoia and horror where intolerable choices collide with the fragile hope of what it means to be human. The war must be won, but it is up to the players to decide at what cost.

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A Dirty World
Greg Stolze

Explore the rain-slicked streets of Film Noir.

Cynical P.I.? Mesmerizing femme fatale? Dead-hearted hit man or pure-hearted reformer raging against the dark? A Dirty World has them all. It also features...

  • An entirely reworked One Roll Engine, relentlessly forcussed on character.
  • A unified conflict mechanic where courtroom drama, gunfights, and the duel of seduction work the same way -- and transition seamlessly from one to another.
  • Instant character improvement in response to his circumstances and your decisions.
  • A system for sparking convoluted noir plots with a single die roll.

In A Dirty World, the rules don't just support drama. They are drama.

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Sufficiently Advanced
Colin Fredericks

We left Earth behind, though we will never forget it.

With aid from the future itself we stepped into new worlds across the universe. We made new homes here, and new ways of life, each of us walking our own path. We strove for peace and knowledge, for love and truth. We clung to tradition and built our futures from it. Many of us fell along the way. Now we are together again, every possible transformation of humanity. We are by turns fascinated, horrified, and compelled by each other. Whether there will be a melding of ideas or a violent shattering remains to be seen.

Once we reached for the stars. Now we have them. What we do with them is up to us.

Sufficiently Advanced is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the distant future. This site is a repository of information for the game, as well as a place for its fans to gather and talk.

Each player in Sufficiently Advanced is an agent of the Patent Office, an intergovernmental organization that polices and enforces intellectual property law across the universe. It is an open secret that the Patent Office is run by the Transcendental AIs, whose very beings are spread across time itself. The Transcendentals desire the survival of humanity - as much of it as possible - into the distant future, in order to ease their loneliness. Towards this end, they have hired you, so that you might save humanity.

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Mist-Robed Gate
Elizabeth Shoemaker & Shreyas Sampat

Which is more important: your desire or your life? In the martial arts underworld of Mist-Robed Gate, you can never have both.

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David Donachie

Solipsist is a diceless role-playing game for 2 or more players. Stylishly presented with a luscious green cover it features the artwork of author David Donachie as well as Gregor Hutton (Best Friends), Kurt Taylor and Frieda Van Raevels.

Solipsists are people who think so strongly and individually, that they can literally change reality, teasing out the fabric of the consensus and changing it.

In this game you and your friends play a group of balanced Solipsists, struggling to fulfil your grandiose dreams, retain your desperate grip on reality, and fight the un-making of the Shadows before they can end the world for good.

Imagine that someone offered you a door to an alternative world in which everything you ever dreamed of was fact.

Would you go?

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It's Complicated
Elizabeth Shoemaker

Do you like stories about happy, functional, well-adjusted people who fall in love with the right people, say the right things, and live happily ever after?

If so, this is definitely not the game for you.

It’s Complicated is a about personality quirks, secrets both dark and embarrassing– but most of all, it’s about convoluted, messy, compelling, and occasionally one-sided relationships. This game is designed to facilitate play in the style of movies like The Royal Tenenbaums, and television shows like Ugly Betty and Pushing Daisies.

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Vincent Baker

In this the Year of Our Lord 1701, did end the bloody career of the pirate Captain Jonathan Abraham Pallor, called Brimstone Jack.

He did not die on the gallows, nor by the sword, nor shot in two by cannon. He died of poison, administered to him by his cook, an assassin under the King’s orders.

This is what happened next.

a pirate rpg
& for adults, please

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