In roughly alphabetical order.

Active Exploits Diceless
Brett M. Bernstein
Full Game, FREE
The second edition of Active Exploits universal diceless rules features basic, advanced, and LARP play, plus tons of options, vehicle rules, and more.


Barbarians of Lemuria
Simon Washbourne
Full Game, FREE
Barbarians of Lemuria is a heroic fantasy role-playing game set firmly in the swords and sorcery genre of Conan, Brak and so on. Lemuria is a mighty continent though and there are yet more sagas waiting to unfold.
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The Basic System
Jason Libby
Full Game , FREE
The Basic System is a set of generic game rules that brings ease back into gaming. Rated 5 Stars by GamingReport!
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FATE: Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment
Fred Hicks & Rob Donoghue
Full Game, FREE
Fate takes your usual perspective on how to approach character building and play and turns it on its ear, where the only things that matter on your sheet and in play are what matter in the story.


Shawn C. Harris
Full Game, FREE
The players portray inhabitants of Kathanaksaya, a realm where human stories are made real. Players influence the events in their characters' stories by bidding and spending Story Points, which represent the power each character has over its own story.


Lashings of Ginger Beer
Full Game, $2.50
This is a spiffing role-playing game of nosey kids solving mysteries in Idyllic England. The 'Famous Five' books of Enid Blyton are leaned on very heavily for the game's inspiration.


My Life with Master
Paul Czege
Full Game, $13.00
The life of a minion is a hard one. The horrific things you do make it difficult to feel good about yourself. If only someone loved you...


Jeff Diamond
Full Game, $35.00
Cat girls, hot rods and rayguns. It's the sci-fi future you always wanted.


Pax Draconis
Justin Dagna
Full Game, $29.99
Pax Draconis uses a unique d100 game system with an emphasis on realism and real-life physics. It features a richly-detailed setting that gives players immense flexibility, including cyberpunk and space opera style adventures.


Promised Sands
Rogers, Rennaker, Anderson
Full Game, $36.95
A dark, desert fantasy with a dash of post apocalypse for flavor and remnant technology where every race and culture strive to survive.