In roughly alphabetical order

Rated G: The RPG of Saturday Morning Fantasy Violence
Vincent Diakuw
Full Game, $3.95
!G is a rules light and fun heavy game that simulates the conventions of Saturday morning cartoon entertaiment. !G uses freeform tag description and action-based diceless task resolution.
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Rune Stryders
Matt Drake
Full Game, $22.95/$10
Roleplay in a fantasy world of runic magic and the powerful, war machines which it powers. The rich setting of Rhun can be used as the backdrop for your adventures or utilize individual components such as runes or stryders with your favorite game world.


Shades of Earth
William Corrie
Full Game, $30.00
Shades of Earth is a complete core rules using HinterWelt's Iridium System. It is an alternate hisotry RPG based in 1938. Extensive online support inclides free downloads and the web based CHARGen character generator, storage and update system.


Sui Juris RPG
Jason Head
Full Game, $8.99 - $12.99
Sui Juris is a completely new sci-fi game design called R.P.C. mixing true role-playing with cards..but in book form so no messy decks to deal with.


Sweet Chariot
Clash Bowley
Full Game, $10.00
Steam-Powered Science Fiction. A world with a poisonous argon-based atmosphere is settled in desperation, with almost no technological support. 500 years later, a strange multi-culture society based on steam and electricity exists in a low-tech island amid high tech neighbors.


Tales from the Wood
Full Game, FREE
The Wood - where animals live, love, fight & die. There are many inspirations for this fabulous game including Duncton Wood, Watership Down, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Little Grey Men and so on.


The Swing
Keith Taylor
Full Game, $10.00
The Swing uses the most realistic game engine to present the modern world in fantastic detail. Explore the world, meet Immortal Beings, interact with occult agencies like the OTO, MIB and others, and most important prepare to become Enlightened.


The Valedictorian's Death
Paul Czege
Full Game, FREE
The roleplaying game of stories in old high school yearbooks. With characters drawn from the senior class, players vie to be prime suspects in the death of the class valedictorian.


Tooth & Claw
Jared A. Sorensen
Full Game, $3.00
Tooth & Claw is an adventure roleplaying game about dinosaurs.


Brett M. Bernstein and Mark Bruno
Full Game, $6.99/$15.99
A roleplaying game of modern horror, where evil is fought by those cast out of society because of who they are and what they know. To make matters worse, they must survive not only the horrors of the Darkness, but also their own personal demons, such as lust, rage, addiction, and fear.


vs. Monsters
Philip Reed
Full Game, FREE
vs. Monsters, a free horror roleplaying game, is an exercise in creativity. Put together in 24 hours, vs. Monsters is an example of what can be done when a creator is placed under pressure.


Daniel Bayn
Full Game, $5.00
A rules-lite, cinematic game in the style of John Woo and the Matrix. Wushu's simple core mechanic encourages elaborate, over-the-top stunts by making them more likely to succeed.