This Sub-Award honors the best supplement for an existing Independent RPG. It is judged on the same standards as the Indie Game of the Year, but applies to game supplements rather than games themselves. This can include additional rules, setting information, or anything that enhances an existing game. The supplement may be for purchase or free.

The Finalists and Selected Peer Feedback

A Cast of Thousands
Excellent usability over a range of systems.

This is just a great idea and one (I believe) that any player and GM would appreciate. It's a good resource.

Daedalus is more than just pretty - it's a fantastic read. There is so much in every issue that no gamer should be without it. The other stuff is neat, and some is very cool, but Daedalus should be required reading.

Daedalus brought fantastic, diverse content "to the table." It included great games and supplements like Lacuna and Inside, as well as informative articles and interviews.

Island Nations
Deep7 have to be applauded for their Arrowflight line, which has flown below the radar since its release yet garnered critical acclaim at every turn. Island Nations is a masterful supplement - it has the best cover art of the year, and is packed full of juicy details and new rules. What every world book should aspire to.

Island Nations adds a lot of meat to the Arrowflight world in a trim volume. All supplements should strive to be this useful.

Deep7 has put out a very nice supplement here, with detail, flexibility and originality.

JAGS: Have-Not
The sheer amount of detail, and INTERESTING detail, in JAGS Have-Not is excellent. The advantage of playtesting is shown here -- you can tell the creator playtested, and knows what worked and what didn't.

JAGS Have-Not is old school post-apocalypse done right! Reading it was like watching Mad Max, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Neon City one right after the other. A brilliant take on a genre that most folks have long since put out to pasture.

Sex & Sorcery
A strong understanding of story and sexual theme presented without snickers or chainmail bikinis.

For anyone interested in human relationships as a basis for compelling roleplay, the circle/zone diagram alone is worth the price.

I would have chosen Sex and Sorcery for best supplement if it contained nothing but the bizarre, revealing and powerful "In Utero" scenario. But all the other material in there is very interesting, too - it makes you think, and it makes you want to try it out.

Smuggler's Run
Very slick, the cover itself is very creepy as fits the genre.

An excellent adventure to teach people the Vault.

3rd Place, with 24Points SEX & SORCERY
2nd Place, with 26 Points (tie!) DAEDALUS
Also 2nd Place, with 26 Points (tie!) ISLAND NATIONS

And the Winner, with 27 Points, is...

JAGS Have-Not
JAGS Have-Not is a free, again I say FREE, gaming supplement with higher production quality, better ideas, a more solid concept, and more engagability than most of the "professional" gaming supplements that I have ever had on my gaming shelf.

Further Feedback:

Daedalus gets my vote not because it was the most amazing "supplement" of 2003 but because it showed the most promise.

Big fan of Daedalus' contribution.

An excellent start for this fanzine showing a good range of articles and some great writers.

JAGS Have-Not
I hear it's the first interesting post-apocalyptic setting ever released. That's worth something.

It's great!

Have-not blows the new Gamma World out of the water, and is free. One of the most stunning supplements for any game.

It's post-apoc! You had to *ask*?!

Sex & Sorcery
It's two of my favorite things.

For quality content and innovative design that takes role-playing to new levels.

Well written, and served an original topic.