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This Sub-Award goes to the designer who makes not only excellent games of rules and settings, but makes excellent games that are imminently readable and catchy to the eye. It could be through primarily layout and desktop publishing skills, followed by the use of art (not necessarily the best art, just art used to maximize the effect of the layout), innovative or creative new methods of game layout, clarity and readability of the text, materials used in the construction of the game, or, in the case of PDF games, the most effective use of all the features of PDF publishing. This award goes to the game or supplement that shows off the best "Mad Graphical Design and Layout Skillz".

THE Best Production FOR 2012 IS...

Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel / with 34 points



Durance by Jason Morningstar / with 27 points

The Kickstarter funds really helped make this a beautiful book.

The art, fonts, illos and production of Durance are of the very highest order. Those lucky enough (or smart enough) to get the hardcover from Kickstarter will know how lush the hardcover laminate feels beneath your touch. Sublime. Perfect for any Dimber Damber.

Adventurer, Conqueror, King by Alexander Macris, Tavis Allison, Greg Tito / with 16 points

A beautiful book with excellent attention to detail.

Lords of Olympus by The RPGPundit (edited by Brett M. Bernstein) / with 10 points

Project Ninja Panda Taco by Jennifer Steen / with 9 points

Vibrant, wild and beautiful. This just pops! Great production values.

Monsterhearts by Joe McDaldno / with 9 points

Mythender by Ryan Macklin / with 6 points

Itras By: A surreal role playing game by Ole Peder Giæver, Martin Bull Gudmundsen / with 6 points

This book is gorgeous and pops with clarity, well designed and beautiful to look at and functional to use.

School Daze by Tracy Barnett / with 6 points

A high school RPG with fun, eye-catching art by cartoonist Brian Patterson.

STALKER - The SciFi Roleplaying Game by Ville Vuorela / with 6 points

An excellent adaptation of a sci-fi classic.