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This Year's Registered Supplements

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered supplements submitted that week.

In order of submission:

The Blood of Misty Harbour
Joe McDaldno

Two lovers encounter dark and sordid family secrets. Cultists attempt to summon their demonic patron. The boundaries between life and death are despoiled, time and again.

These events set in motion a three-episode Monsterhearts mini-series. Each episode introduces new pre-generated characters to play, each entangled in their own drama and desires. These episodes are designed for exactly four people (including an MC), though it doesn't necessarily have to be the same four people playing each episode.

The episodes each run 3-4 hours in length. They contain starting events, questions that you play to find the answers to, webs of possible secrets, and a couple of pre-scripted Menaces. Each episode is designed to demonstrate the game's Principles in action.

$6.00 PDF
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Roller Girls Vs.
Steve Johnson

Skates! Violence! Fishnets! If you've ever seen a roller derby bout, you know that it's the coolest sport in the world. In fact, the only thing that could make roller girls more awesome would be if they fought zombies, or went back in time, or traveled into outer space. Now, with Roller Girls Vs., you can bring this beautiful dream to life.

Roller Girls Vs. is an adaptable adventure for use with the QAGS system. Roller Girls Vs. includes a summary of roller derby rules; information on creating characters and some popular roller girl archetypes; an overview of the typical Roller Girls Vs. plot outline, along with suggestions for adapting Roller Girls Vs. to campaign play; examples of specific enemies for the roller girls to fight, including cannibals, dinosaurs, hyperintelligent apes, Nazi time travelers, fratboys, and zombies; tips for adapting the plot to the villains, including ideas for exciting scenes and plot complications; a list of 701 roller girl names; and more!

$14.99 Hardcopy, $4.99 PDF
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Leighton Connor

Back before the dawn of history, all the world knew the name of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, two thirds god and one-third man! Gilgamesh, the world's greatest warrior, who slew Humbaba and killed the Bull of Heaven! But now Gilgamesh is faced with an opponent that no man has defeatedworld ever - death itself. Join Gilgamesh and his band of mighty heroes as they journey past the edge of the Earth, through the Garden of the Gods, and across the Waters of Death in order to find the secret of eternal life.

GILGAMESH! is an epic adventure, based on the s oldest epic, designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules. It includes an overview of the world of Sumerian myth, sample characters, guidelines for character creation, monsters, gods, useful tables, a summary of The Epic of Gilgamesh, and more.

GILGAMESH! is written by Leighton (Hobomancer) Connor and illustrated by Joshua (Leopard Women of Venus) LH Burnett.

Strive for immortality. Have more fun!

$4.99 PDF
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Terror Network/The Patriot Incident
Brendan Davis

A murdered arms dealer and a handful clues...

It is a night of celebration in Boston, but a group of extremists have other plans...

This heart-pounding investigation pits your players against an unexpected threat. They have less than 12 hours to track their leads and stop the attackers, or Boston will never be the same.

The Patriot Incident is a Terror Network module, and provides the gamemaster with a complete counter-terrorism investigation. It includes 19 suspects and over 20 locations for your players to investigate as they race to stop a major terrorist attack.

$14.99 Hardcopy, $4.99 PDF
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G-Men & Gangsters Core Setting Book
Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams

A Nation Divided!
Crime Rampant!

It's 1936, and America is a land in trouble. The Union is shattered, criminals control many cities, and violence is a way of life. Every day, federal agents from America's rival nations battle it out against vicious criminal gangs for control of the streets using armored cars, weird science, and excessive firepower.

It's Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Which side are you on?

Inside this product you'll find:

  • A history of a divided America.
  • Complete setting rules for running urban battles.
  • A custom Freak Events Table.
  • Scenarios and Ace Tales ready to play off the page.
  • Stats for Common Troops, six Good Guy Factions (including the Bureau of Vehicular Crime, Canadian Mounties, and Rocket Rangers), six Bad Guy Factions (including the Chickago Bunnies, Doctor Destructo, and Seven Dragon Brotherhood), and three Neutral Factions.
  • Stats for a range of armored and armed vehicles.
  • Complete set of unit cards designed for easy reference and play.

G-Men & Gangsters: The Gang Wars is a Savage Showdown setting. This product does not contain the Showdown rules.

$14.99 PDF
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Fiasco: American Disasters
Jason Morningstar, Steve Segedy

AMERICAN DISASTERS is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco Playsets along with new optional rules for extended campaign-style play. These rules, called Trainwreck Mode, offer a new experience for veteran Fiasco players and address a frequent request by fans by helping you chain multiple sessions and Playsets together for a longer, richer, and more catastrophic story. The included Playsets were written and developed in-house and chosen specifically for this collection to match the Trainwreck rules. They're all heavily-playtested and proven fiascos!

$5.00 PDF
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