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This Sub-Award honors the best supplement for an existing Independent RPG. It is judged on the same standards as the Indie Game of the Year, but applies to game supplements rather than games themselves. This can include additional rules, setting information, or anything that enhances an existing game. The supplement may be for purchase or free.

THE Indie Supplement of the Year FOR 2012 IS...

Fiasco: American Disasters by Jason Morningstar, Steve Segedy / with 45 points

Takes an awesome game and shows it new tricks.

Morningstar and Segedy fuck it up yet again. In the usual, amazing, Fiasco way. Thumbs up.

Adding the new Trainwreck campaign mode to Fiasco is an obvious step, but done with style, and the new play sets are excellent as well.



The Blood of Misty Harbour by Joe McDaldno / with 22 points

A quality supplement for Monsterhearts. McDaldno does it again.

Terror Network/The Patriot Incident by Brendan Davis / with 16 points

A well-executed modern-day adventure with a flexible investigation map, and a race against the clock in the spirit of the show 24.

Roller Girls Vs. by Steve Johnson / with 15 points

Roller Derby action - with monkeys! What's not to like?