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The Runners Up (and selected peer feedback):

PLACES TO GO, PEOPLE TO BE / with 61 points

"PtG,PtB -- I have found this fanfize both amusing and -- sometimes -- insightful."

"Good ezines are surprisingly hard to find, especially given that a lot of game designers are frustrated writers."

"PtG: One of the best resources out there for thoughtful gamers."

INSIDE / with 59 points

"Inside -- I was really intrigued by this when I read it in Daedalus, and please by how Matrix-y it was."

"What is the best thing I can say about Inside? I stole all its contents for immediate use in my Sorcerer games."

"Places To Go, People To Be continues to push the frontiers of gaming."

"Inside is a fantastic supplement and neatly covers being "The Matrix RPG" without becoming a fannish pile of offal (like the movies)."

"Inside - This doesn't get my vote cause of the picture of Clinton looks like he just woke up from a three day bender. It gets it because it takes Sorcerer in a non-magic direction and does it well. It shows clearly that demons don't have to be "demons.""

"Inside is a brilliant adaptation of Sorcerer into a cyberpunk virtual reality that haunts us."

COLD, HARD WORLD / with 48 points

"Cold, Hard World is perhaps uneven at times, but the expansion of Chad Underkoffeler's Dead Inside world is very much welcome. A must-have companion."

""Cold Hard World" takes Chad Underkoffler\'s great game _Dead Inside_ and presents a fully-realized look at the place where the DIs live. It's well-written and the information is very useful."

"Cold, Hard World manages to expand the Dead Inside system without making it more complicated, an interesting feat in and of itself, while providing a variety of excellent setting information for the game. Everything one could want in the first supplement for a particular game, but notches above the "usual" quality in "professional" RPGs."

"A truly excellent expansion of the already excellent Dead Inside setting. The ideas are legion and usable for just about any modern magic game."

"COLD, HARD WORLD is an adequate and interesting expansion of a very good game, without the spark of its original however."

"Cold, Hard World makes me think that indepent games are making the hobby a warmer, better enterprise."

"CHW - A wonderfully deep setting for Dead inside. I like that it's called the Real World..."

FUZION FORUM YEARBOOK 2003 / with 24 points

"The yearbook was for a good cause and it took a lot of work."

"Fuzion - Lots of good shit. That's all that needs to be said."

RUNE COMPANION / with 21 points

LA FAMIGLIA AMALFI / with 15 points

"La Famiglia Amalfi is a flexible, well-written adventure -- and I normally hate adventures. It could be easily adapted to any Space Opera game, and is an interesting scenario."

THE HIDDEN TEMPLE / with 14 points


"A short-but-sweet expansion of the a|state setting. Tons of interesting NPCs and scenario seeds that will serve GMs well."

"The Lostfinders Guide to Mire End is the only product in the supplement list that I have read. It's a great read and really gives a game master a lot to use. It serves as a great sample of what can be found in the world of a|state."


FORMLESS - Andy's Note: Please note that this game did not make the registration date to be listed, but it received multiple write-in votes from peers, enough to place in some of the categories! This excellent free supplement can be found HERE.

FORMLESS: "Formless (by James Hargrove) is a new take on RPGing, requiring no GM, dice, or numbers. It is abstract, yet describes how to maintain order and adapt it to supplement other systems."

DAEDALUS: "Although unregistered, premiered numerous games and supplements in 2004, as well as sneek peaks of forthcoming games and thoughtful articles."

CONFLICT, AND A PERSON'S PLACE IN IT: "Conflict - Beautiful perspective on how we deal with conflict, what it means to kill"