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This Year's Registered Games

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Steal Away Jordan
Julia B. Ellingboe

Steal Away Jordan is a vehicle for players to tell a collective story of the lives of people who live inthe shadow of slavery. The emphasis here is on the people, not the place or time. The institution affects everyone, from the child born into bondage to the man who owns him. Steal Away Jordan is a role-playing game written in the spirit of neo slave narratives like Margaret Walker's Jubilee, Toni Morrison's Beloved, and Octavia Butler's Kindred. Like these fictional accounts of slave life, players explore the social and psychological implications of life in a society where people can be property. Ultimately, players consider slavery's long-term impact on a society and on the descendants of slaves and slave owners.

$20.00 Hardcopy , $11.00 PDF
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Grey Ranks
Jason Morningstar

Grey Ranks puts you in the shoes of child soldiers during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Together with your friends you'll work to create challenging, exciting, and poignant scenes for your characters. As the game progresses, success becomes increasingly difficult and you'll be faced with difficult choices. Is achieving a goal worth destroying the thing your character holds dear? How will reputations change over time as youngsters have adulthood thrust upon them? The emotional state of your characters is tracked as they are drawn to the opposing extremes of love and hate, enthusiasm and exhaustion. Success or failure will pull them in unexpected directions, and where these strong currents intersect lie death and heartbreak.

$22.00 Hardcopy , $12.00 PDF
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Erick N. Bouchard

UCHRONIA: MECHA EXODUS is a technothriller role-playing game, sourcebook and adventure about the dramatic dilemmas faced by emancipated sentient robots ('mechas') and North Korean Special Forces in a submarine city, in the alternate future of 2017.

While the new Cold War between North Korea and the Western NATO powers threatens to escalate into World War III, the mechas' fragile treaty is threatened by political conspiracies, terrorist insurgents, secret experiments, robot cults, and military escalation. What will you sacrifice for peace, truth, or even sanity?

Featuring detailed background information on North Korea and the robot city of New Promethea, warring mecha factions, an iterative story model, a Conflict Barometer to measure consequence escalation (Alienation, Truth and War) and over 20 illustrated NPCs with game statistics.

The game comes in two versions:

  1. A stand-alone "indie" role-playing game system, sourcebook and adventure, featuring a rules-light system based on stake negotiation, conflict repercussions and character-focused issues
  2. A D20 Modern/D20 Future sourcebook and adventure, featuring a new Advanced class (North Korean mech saboteur) and D20 Future compatible templates for transforming mechas
$19.99 Hardcopy , $12.49 PDF (indie version)
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The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries
Eric J. Boyd

You braved crocodiles, Nazis, necromancy, and devolved ape men to find the mythical city and the secrets it holds. Now you have returned from your expedition and must report to your peers on your daring exploits, proving to the hardened adventurers, geniuses, and polymaths gathered before you that you are worthy of their respect in your every endeavor.

The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries is a storytelling game of exploration and adventure inspired by the pulps and Victorian tales. Playable in a single evening or over multiple sessions, it allows you and your friends to tell tales of harrowing danger, daring deeds, and furious action with freeform narration and pulse-pounding timed conflict resolution. No pre-game preparation is required, so grab your hat, your whip, and your .45 and get going!

$20.00 Hardcopy , $10.00 PDF
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Alpha Omega Core Rulebook
David Carter, Earl Fischl, Tom McLaughlin

Alpha Omega is our flagship product. Its Core Rulebook is a full-color, 404 page, case-bound book that forms the core of the Alpha Omega table-top role playing game. It contains everything players require to play the game and is the first step into an exciting new gaming experience.

$54.99 Hardcopy
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Dirty Secrets
Seth Ben-Ezra

Sure, your home town's a great place to live. Crime rates are low. Employment is high. Everyone is happy, successful, and filled with civic pride. I'll bet your city has spent a lot of money telling you it's true.

Don't believe it. Scratch the surface, and you will find the truth. That businessman's cheating on his wife. That politician's snorting cocaine. That cop's taking bribes to look the other way. No one is clean. Everyone has a secret, and most will do anything to keep their secrets safe. Even murder.

But secrets have a way of getting out, and bodies don't stay buried forever.

Dirty Secrets is a game of detective noir for one player and many GMs. In this game, the players create stories of corruption, betrayal, deception, and murder, all set in their own home town. Together, they guide a single investigator through a complex web of lies and secrets as he pursues that most elusive prey: the truth.

$25.00 Hardcopy , $12.00 PDF
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Beast Hunters
Lisa Griffen, Christian Griffen

Set your wits and weapons against the deadliest of beasts. Challenge them, kill them, and use their blood in the ink of the tattoos commemorating your victory and in so doing, claim a portion of their power.

Beast Hunters is a roleplaying game that uses innovative mechanics for social, mental and physical conflicts. Through the power of your creativity, you have an unlimited array of actions and maneuvers at your disposal. The game includes many unique beasts with custom tattoo designs, adventure seeds, detailed advice for how to play and run the game, and more.

Beast Hunters features core rules focused on two-player groups and expanded rules for more players to join the Hunt.

$20.00 Hardcopy , $10.00 PDF
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Labyrinth Lord
Dan Proctor

Enter a world filled with labyrinths, magic, and monsters! You can take the role of a cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, or thief on your quest for glory, treasure, and adventure! This is a complete role playing game. All you need are a few sheets of paper and some dice. Welcome back to a simpler old-school gaming experience. The Labyrinth Lord awaits your arrival. Can you survive the dangers of the labyrinth?

$17.95 Softcover , FREE PDF
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Greg Stolze

A game that answers the question, "If you're so powerful, why aren't YOU sending people out on quests?" A fantasy world that doesn't need saving calls powerful individuals to lead movements, nations and conspiracies. Benevolent leader or crushing tyrant? Your pick. How will you reign?

$37.00 Softcover
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the Dead
Kreg Mosier

the Dead is a game about relationships and death. ok, maybe it's a "survival-horror rpg", with an emphasis on the Survivors.

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Fae Noir
Justin Bow

The Great War is over, but its scars have yet to heal.

Will you play a pistol-packing elf or magic-slinging private eye? Fast-driving bootlegger or tango-dancing troll?

It is the Roaring 20's and everyone wants to forget the horrors of a war that spanned continents and dimensions. But the changes it wrought are not so easily dismissed. Humanity struggles to understand a world of re-awakened magic and folklore come to life. The fae, failed invaders from the lands of faery, find themselves adrift in the unfamiliar modern world, living relics of the past. It is an era of jazz and exploration, of art deco and danger; a time when the fists and courage of individuals can determine the course of history.

Fae Noir is a role-playing game set in the chaotic, pivotal decade of an alternate world where creatures of mythology returned from self-imposed exile at the height of World War I. This, the core book, contains everything gamemasters and players need to run adventures in the gritty world of Fae Noir, including an all new game engine and one of the most flexible character creation systems anywhere. Fae Noir -- make the 20's roar louder!

$26.99 Hardcopy, $22.00 PDF
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Æternal Legends
Stewart Wilson

Magic seethes beneath everyday affairs. Turn a ways, and wander into a Pocket Kingdom. Many are Aware, but a few are called to be Legends: epic heroes who fight evil with strength, cunning and raw idealism.

Elf, dwarf, gnome and human Legends use the mystic Spheres to defend their beliefs. Their quests turn them into avatars of magic or send their swords against Da'ath, Lord of the Abyss. Idealism is more than just a buzzword -- it's the source of magic.

$26.95 Hardcopy, $11.95 PDF
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Forward... To Adventure!
The RPG Pundit

Can you use FtA! for serious sophisticated stories, with lots of politics, intrigue, romance or character development? Well, sure, you can, but really why would you? FtA! is the game for when you are tired of all that junk, and just want to go back down into the Gnomish mines, travel through the dangerous wilderlands in search of ruins, steal from shops, try eating a wraith corpse, and maybe, if you're really lucky, find Mjolnir. Get to it, boys and girls, adventure lies ahead.

$21.80 Hardcopy, $12.00 PDF
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Idyll: Romantic Fantasy
James Stubbs

Idyll, Romantic Fantasy is the first release from Heyoka Studios using the 1PG game system under license from Deep7, Inc.

Loosen your blades and bodices in this exciting game that emulates romantic fantasy fiction popularized by authors such as Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey and Tanith Lee.

The 1PG system is literally the entire game system contained on a single page of paper! Also included are custom character sheets, magic rules and sample spell list, referee advise, six adventure scenarios and custom genre rules specific to the genre.

The 1PG system is ideally suited for those nights when you need a quick filler game or for introducing new or young players to roleplaying.

$3.95 PDF
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Classroom Deathmatch
Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte

In Classroom Deathmatch you and your friends take the roles of Japanese high school students. Your entire class of 50 Students has been kidnapped by the Japanese government and will be forced to participate in the televised contest called Classroom Deathmatch. The contest will be brutal and unforgiving, and unless you can figure out how to outsmart the government you will be forced to do battle against your friends until only one of you is left alive. As a group you'll tell the story of your student's five-day ordeal in the Classroom Deathmatch. Most of you will die horrible and gruesome deaths at the hands of your closest friends, but if you are smart and lucky you may just find a way to outwit your captors and survive.

$20.00 Hardcopy (Out-of-Print), FREE PDF
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The Princess Game
Colin Fredericks

This is a game about a little girl. The only little girl in the whole wide world. The only person there is, really. This is a game about her dreams and her imagination, about make-believe and magic, and the world of stories. But mostly it's about the girl. You play different parts of her - her love, her fear, her curiosity, and more. Together with her Imagination, you go out to see what there is in the world, and invent some of it yourself.

$8.99 Hardcopy (Out-of-Print), $3.00 PDF
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Levi Kornelsen

Microcosm is a complete RPG that fits on six pieces of paper (or three, if you use both sides). It uses a single piece of paper in the middle of the table rather than individual sheets, treats preparation as part of play, and works almost entirely off the management of tokens.

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Bliss Stage, Ignition Stage
Ben Lehman

Bliss Stage is a role-playing game for 2-7 players ages 16 and up. It is focused on the story of a group of teenage resistance fighters battling an alien occupation that they cannot comprehend armed only with the power of their own hearts. It is a love story, a war story, a coming-of-age story, and an action story all rolled into one.

$13.00 PDF
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