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This Year's Registered Supplements

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Ave Molech
Michael G. Hurston

The world of Ave Molech is a land that has passed through the fires of turmoil and destruction, being tempered and remade into a thriving plane of existence. For the past few hundred years the majority of the world's population has been hiding below ground or floating high above the chaos engulfing the realm. Reestablishing life on the surface is a feat that has only started to take shape over the last two hundred years.

Originally a realm where the dark lusts and thoughts of man were manifested, nothing could sheath the sword of destruction the people of this world wielded. With kingdoms in constant ruin and the world a struggling war zone, just as many fought for survival as did for power. Little hope existed for any kingdom to take control and make the lands tranquil again, and it wasn't long before the inventions of necessity for war would cause their undoing.

With an invading force of unstoppable power using advanced weaponry to raze many of the cities, enslaving the people or killing them, many of the world's citizens had little choice but to hide underground or leave to the skies. Whatever culture or history they had was all lost, forgotten and twisted into simple fables over the last few hundred years. Because of this the world split into three distinct realms, each empowering themselves by their own means.

Now, a couple hundred years later, the invading forces have been curtailed and the dimensional doorways for the most part have been shut off; allowing the world to heal and rest from its weary travels. Thanks in part to the comprehension of high powered magic and working with advanced technology the world is quickly reforming and taking shape.

However, the greed and selfishness of the people in this world still exists, and for the most part will never diminish completely. Although governments are starting to form and people are working together, the dark desires of mankind are quickly becoming evident. And there is little anyone can do to stop it.

$54.95 Hardcopy, $15.00 PDF
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Elemental Gemstones
Julie Ann Dawson

Elemental Gemstones offers 70 gemstones with related folklore and reported magical properties. Add a touch of mystery to your game by using the information in this product to develop new ideas for magical items, or add some variety to random treasure rolls.

$5.00 PDF
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Engines of War
Louis G. Norton, Ph.D.

Engines of War is the vehicle supplement for the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century sci-fi, table-top, RPG. All the rules, skills, and over 40 detailed vehicles are included.

$24.95 Hardcopy
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Cold City Companion
Paul Bourne

The Cold City Companion offers additional advice and information for Cold City, the game of hidden agendas, trust and monster hunting in 1950s Berlin.

Based on experience and feedback since the release of the game, the Companion gives information on how to play the game according to different cinematic genres (such as noir, dark horror and black comedy), more in depth ways of creating and structuring games and how to run games in 'open' and 'closed' ways.

There's also a chapter dedicated to the different intelligence agencies at work in the shadows of Berlin, groups who might offer help or hindrance to characters in the Reserve Police Agency. Each agency also comes with a sample Hidden Agenda that characters associated with them might have.

For those who want to venture further afield, there's a chapter looking at twisted technology locations beyond Berlin and how they affect the work of the Reserve Police Agency in that city.

Finally, there is a select bibliography, offering some informative and inspirational non-fiction, fiction and speculative sources.

$12.00 Hardcopy, $7.00 PDF
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The Blossoms are Falling
Luke Crane

It was an age of peace and tranquility that crashed to a close with a war so violent it shattered the foundations of Japan. It toppled the old imperial order and gave rise to the Shogun. An era containing the zenith of art and culture, but the nadir of strife and suffering. It was the twilight of one epoch and the dawn of another. It was the Heian era, and Japan would never be the same.

In this new supplement from Burning Wheel Headquarters, you play fearsome bushi trapped between honor and shame, wise Shinto priests who seek to placate the spirits who protect Nihon, powerful Buddhist monks who pray for the souls of the dead while plying strong influence at court, and powerful courtiers battling for control of the failing state. Whichever role you choose to undertake, you will determine the fate of the era: Will Nihon walk her doomed path or will history be changed? Will the state survive or will it descend into anarchy? Will the emperor retain his rule or will the samurai rise and claim his power? You are at the center of this maelstrom and you will decide!

This 212-page book contains a Clan Burner to help your group design a campaign for this setting, five new lifepath settings, four new emotional attributes, 100 new traits, more than 30 new skills, ten new Japanese monsters, six new forms of natural magic, Feats of Valor, challenges of honor, rules of etiquette and the poetic Duel of Verse. Plus dozens of new illustrations, and fiction by Robin D. Laws!

$20.00 Hardcopy
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