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The Runners Up (and selected peer feedback):

JAGS Wonderland by Marco Chacon / with 60 points

"This truly lives up to being a "Worldbook of Absurd Horror"... a terrific, terrifying setting that can (and should) be adapted to many systems."

"A surreal trip down the rabbit hole that captures the horrific side of there being an unreal dreamworld that you might fall into at any moment."

"Wonderland is well-written, the setting oozes atmosphere, and it has great illustrations."

Conspiracy of Shadows Companion by Keith Senkowski / with 57 points

"A fitting expansion to the solid medieval horror coolness that is CoS."

"The city creation and conflict advice in particular make this an excellent resource for anyone running the game."

The Fringe by Daniel Bayn / with 36 points

"Packed full of conspiracy and Fortean weirdness material. "

"The premise is intriguing and reminiscent of Man of La Mancha thinking, but set in the modern day - the PCs are heroes driven by their delusions..."

Dial S for Superhumans by Chad Underkoffler / with 31 points

"Shows off the strengths of the system in the diversity of the villains, heroes, and others presented."

"Dial S is chock full of free, superheroey awesome."