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The Finalists

Game Information
Designer Feedback

While role-playing has grown up, this product shows that it's still for kids as well. Made my heart glad just checking out the illustrations and knowing a new generation will have every chance to be as creative as we have.

Great collection of open content creatures.

No feedback left for this item in this category.

"Award-nominated independent d20 supplement detailing the legacy of a long dead necromancer."

Moves away from the hundreds of Magic Item source books floating around. A useful sourcebook indeed.

Its nice to see this much effort placed into items that aren't
+6 vorpal shields of Holding and Slaying Everything.

Something always overlooked by publishers. What do you find in the chest beside the 6 magic rings, the sabre of curing athlete's foot and the gum of eternal chewing? Another 600 platinum pieces and a painting. Wow. Not with this product in your possession...

No feedback left for this item in this category.

"A quarterly magazine established to be an Open Content resource for GameMasters and fans who use the d20 Rules Gaming System. Produced by the design team of the d20 Magazine Rack for the gaming community."

Superhero D20! It breaks away from the stereotypical D&D varient Opening up d20 to an even larger audience.

Nobody understands D20 - and how to make it sit up and beg - the way Scott does

Kick-ass superhero role-playing for d20 would be good enough to merit the award for Cryptosnark's fine work, but Lynch went the extra step and made this game actually compatible in terms of power-level with the main body of d20, something no other d20 superhero RPG has done. Want to play an elven ranger with two scimitars and heat vision? Deeds not Words'll do ya.

The Runners Up:

3rd Place, with 11 Points
101 Mundane Treasures by Philip Reed
2nd Place, with 20 Points
Deeds Not Words by Scott Lynch

And the Winner, with 21 Points, is...

The Kid's Colouring Book o Critters - Celebrity Edition
M Jason Parent, Ambient Inc
PDF, $6.00

A book of monsters created by what are most likely the two youngest RPG writers and illustrators in the industry. Includes submitted material by many 'name' artists.