In roughly alphabetical order

octaNe: premium uNleaded
Jared A. Sorensen, Memento Mori Theatricks
PDF, $10.00

octaNe is the psychotronic game of post-apocalyptic, trash culture america.

Clinton R. Nixon, Anvilwerks
PDF, $6.00

Paladin is a game of holy warriors imbued with divine gifts taking up arms and fighting against evil and injustice. It can be used for any setting from Knights Templar to Shaolin Monks to space-fantasy swashbucklers.

Ethan Greer

Pollies (short for polyhedral dice) is a generic system that can be easily tailored to various settings, and it is designed to facilitate dramatic story creation through "traditional" role-playing. The word "traditional" in this case means that there is a GM who provides narration and description to drive the story, and there are players who control fictional personas to define the story.

The Riddle of Steel
Jacob Norwood
Hardcover, $34.95

TROS features engrossing combat based on real-world medieval and renaissance fighting styles, ultra-flexible sorcery, and a character/story-driven advancement system that will change the way you play RPGs forever. Tons of information and on-line support for TROS can be found online.

Zak Arntson
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Online Text, Free

You and your malicious shadow; a game for all ages.

Soap: the game of soap opera mayhem
Ferry Bazelmans
PDF, $2.95

Soap is a game where anything can and will happen to you and your fellow soap opera stereotypes. Cars diving off cliffs, infidelity, murderous midgets and aliens with an axe to grind: their all part of the fun. Try to elminate your opponents while accomplishing your goals as best you can.

Starchildren: Velvet Generation
Scott Leaton, XiG Games
Hardcover, $24.95

The game of Rock & Roll Revolution! In the grim future of 2073, music''s last hope is the underground movement known as Velvet- and the extraterrestrial rockers hiding within.

Ron Edwards, Adept Press
PDF, $10.00

Kickin' butt with six-foot broads. Plus justice, true love, honor, and the fate of nations.

Ralph Mazza and Mike Homes
Softcover, $15.00

Every player takes on the role of Game Master to create the setting, populate it with characters, and drive the plot forward. Coins and carefully crafted rules of precedence keep the game flowing in an orderly manner.