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The Finalists

Game Information
Designer Feedback

Another part of the great "Mean Streets" line, Vendetta is a well-researched resource for organized crime in the 1940s.

No feedback left for this item for this category.

"Anime-inspired cop drama setting for the Sorcerer RPG."

Charnel Gods has seriously spiked the sales of Sorcerer. It's the only supplement I've heard of that people buy BEFORE they buy the core rules. beautiful work.

Knipe proves he has the goods with his first work. Charnel Gods is not only fine pulp fantasy gaming, but it uses a technique that's becoming more common in RPGs - the endgame, a proscribed ending mechanism for a campaign.

The game that put the blood and guts back into sword and sorcery. How can you not love a game where the goal is to wipe out the world so the corpses of the dead keep the demons from crawling through

Great setting! Lots of adventure hooks, tons of information.

There are alot of "alternate history" RPG games out there. There are even more "different worlds but with noticeable parallels". The vast majority of them suck. The vast majority of them don't even begin to concider what the ultimate effect of changing one aspect of the world has on the rest of the world and the continueing timeline. World of Darkness, Deadlands, 7th Sea all fall prey to this. It is refreshing to come across a setting where the change that is made is a specific one with specific effects where the consequences of that change follow and are plausible. Alternate history is hard to do right. Rarely has it ever been done right in an RPG. Kudos to Thirteen Colonies.

No feedback left for this item for this category.

"In-Speckers is a mini-supplement that looks at monster hunting from a younger perspective, inspired by films such as ET, the Monster Squad, and the Goonies."

The Runners Up:

3rd Place, with 8 Points
Vendetta, by Mark Bruno
2nd Place, with 15 Points
JAGS C-13: The Thirteern Colonies, by Marco Chacon

And the Winner, with 28 Points, is...

Charnel Gods
by Scott Knipe

Charnel Gods is a mini-supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer. It showcases a world of apocalyptic battles, fought with godlike weapons against ageless, nameless foes, and at its center are the unfortunate mortals who must decide which lives are worth sacrificing for the greater good.