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"Soap is a game where anything can and will happen to you and your fellow soap opera stereotypes. Cars diving off cliffs, infidelity, murderous midgets and aliens with an axe to grind: their all part of the fun. Try to elminate your opponents while accomplishing your goals as best you can."

With Universalis, you're not just telling a story together - it gives you the tools to design a whole roleplaying game as you play. "Innovative" - this term doesn't do it justice.

Universalis is so innovative it's barely an RPG. It's an group-storytelling game that isn't boring. That's as innovative as it gets, really.

What can I say, is it even really an RPG anymore? It chellenges the very definition. Chucks out every preconcieved notion and starts up from the bottom.

Donjon's game mechanics switch the control of the game faster between players than you can grab your dice and encourages player creativity like no other game.

One of Donjon's hallmarks it that it started as a tribute to old school dungeon crawls the way they were "back in the day" before everyone became obsessed with heavy settings and tomes of rules. As such much of Donjon has a very familier "safe" feel. Unlike alot of the most bleeding edge indie game innovations, Donjon is a wolf in sheeps clothing. The innovations of the"buy a fact" system is nicely concealed in traditional trappings.

For its honest lack of an "everything-and-the-kitchen-sink"-approach to realism and roleplaying.

I hate to repeat myself on these awards, but Trollbabe really is an innovative masterpiece. With only one PC role - ass-kicking broad - mechanics that are easy, but totally different than any other game I've seen, and to top it off, a fantasy world that works and is fun to play in, it defines innovation.

...Again, because it does not involve a GM telling the story - it involves all the players generating the story based on their actions, and actually gives them an award of being able to narrate a scene and the outcome of an encounter.

The Runners Up:

3rd Place, with 17 Points
DONJON by Clinton R. Nixon
2nd Place, with 18 Points
SOAP by Ferry Bazelmans

And the Winner, with 42 Points, is...

Ralph Mazza and Mike Homes
Softcover, $15.00

Every player takes on the role of Game Master to create the setting, populate it with characters, and drive the plot forward. Coins and carefully crafted rules of precedence keep the game flowing in an orderly manner.