In roughly alphabetical order.

Active Exploits Diceless Roleplaying
Brett M. Bernstein, Politically Incorrect Games

Structured universal diceless rules with both free and $5 game settings available.

Todd Downing
Deep 7's Arrowflight Page
Softcover, $22.95

A new take on traditional fantasy.

The Burning Wheel
Luke Crane
Softcover, $15.00

The Burning Wheel is a small, detailed, fantasy rpg. Written in a light-hearted tone, the system leaves all the darkness and blood to the players. And there is plenty of that to go around... The system presents fantasy games that are harsh, consistent and fun! This is game doesn\'t shirk from power, but neither does it forget the little guy. The game consists of a 240 page rulebook and a 232 page character creation book.

Cartoon Action Hour
Cynthia Celeste Miller & Eddy Webb, Spectrum Game Studios
PDF, $10.00

The '80s action cartoon RPG! Cartoon Action Hour is a universal RPG in the spirit of He-Man, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, and the Transformers.

Chain of Being: The Fantasy Roleplaying Game of Epic Absurdity
Dan Geyer
PDF, $11.95

Chain of Being (CoB) is a humorous fantasy game set in a fantasy world where the traditional knights and dragons have to compete for attention with aliens, Mages in Blue, mechs, conspiracies, superheroes, soda corporations, people who know the world is just a roleplaying game, halfling ninja, and much more.

Children of the Sun
Lewis Pollak, Misguided Games
Hardcover, $39.95

Children of the Sun was an attempt, much like Earthdawn, to put a different spin on traditional fantasy themes, creating something different, yet not entirely alien. In our case, we have been exploring the theme of "dieselpunk", a dirtier, more modern steampunk.

The Colonies RPG
Brett M. Bernstein, Politically Incorrect Games
PDF, $7.50

A cyberpunk-style RPG on occupied Earth.

Cookie Fu - Fortune Cookie Fighter
Bryan Kowalski/Blue Kabuto

Defeat your opponents, crush their cookies and unlock hidden moves plus collect all Fu Fortunes if your skill is strong enough. Build more powerful fighters with booster pack and rare chase cookies. Tossing your cookies has never been so much fun!

Colin Fredericks

Console is a tabletop RPG that parodies console RPGs, such as Final Fantasy and Shining Force.

Deeds Not Words
Scott Lynch
PDF, $10.00, d20

Deeds Not Words is a d20 game of super-heroic adventure, designed to allow the creation of everything from caped vigilantes to suave gentlemen spies to trenchcoat-clad gun fu prodigies.

Clinton R. Nixon, Anvilwerks
PDF, $10.00

Donjon is a game of old-school dungeon crawling and new-school player narration.

Dread: The First Book Of Pandemonium
Rafael Chandler
Softcover, $30.00

Dread is a game of dark heroism in which Disciples wield horrific magics like Viscera, Bile, Dresden, Sycorax, and Malvado, and battle ravenous Demons fresh from Hell. 182 pages, perfect-bound, color cover.

Dreamwalker: Roleplaying in the Land of Dreams
Peter C. Spahn, David Griffin and Michael Patton
Softcover, $24.95

Dreamwalkers enter the Land of Dreams in an effort to combat a spiritual menace that threatens the psychological well being of all humanity.

Dust Devils
Matt Snyder
PDF, $10.00

Dust Devils is a "truly gritty Old West role-playing game." It employs poker mechanics and the "Devil" rule to drive characters in a psychologically gripping progress toward one end: "Shoot or give up the gun?"