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RPG/GAMING Supplements

In roughly alphabetical order

101 Mundane Treasures
Philip Reed
PDF, $4.00, d20

A D20 supplement self-published in PDF form. This has been a best-seller on RPGNow and has, as of this writing, sold over 300 copies. The entire supplement is devoted to non-magical treasure.

Against the Reich!
Paul Elliot, with Jared A. Sorensen
PDF, $5.00

Against the Reich! presents a world of two-fisted action and adventure in the pulp 1930's! Travel the globe and join the fight against Hitler and his evil henchmen. Includes the Playset "Invasion: Hollow Earth!"

Charnel Gods
Scott Knipe
PDF, $5.00

Charnel Gods is a mini-supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer. It showcases a world of apocalyptic battles, fought with godlike weapons against ageless, nameless foes, and at its center are the unfortunate mortals who must decide which lives are worth sacrificing for the greater good.

Steven Creech, d20 Magazine Rack
PDF, FREE, d20

A quarterly magazine established to be an Open Content resource for GameMasters and fans who use the d20 Rules Gaming System. Produced by the design team of the d20 Magazine Rack for the gaming community.

Demon Cops
Ron Edwards, Adept Press
PDF, $5.00

Anime-inspired cop drama setting for the Sorcerer RPG.

Forgotten Heroes: Paladin
Ben Redmond & Nigel McClelland
PDF, $6.50, d20

The first class book for Paladins, packed with classes, feats, spells and entirely new systems.

Tim Boser

In-Speckers is a mini-supplement that looks at monster hunting from a younger perspective, inspired by films such as ET, the Monster Squad, and the Goonies.

JAGS C-13: The Thirteen Colonies
Marco Chacon

An illustrated world book for the JAGS system. The year is 2002, the place is the North American continent. The original thirteen colonies are still there, the Great Debate about the nature of the world rages, and zepplins ply the skies over New Amsterdam. A full setting including Archetype rules, new magic spells and colleges, a large beastiary, and non-human races.

The Kid's Colouring Book o Critters - Celebrity Edition
M Jason Parent, Ambient Inc
Product Page at RPGNow
PDF, $6.00, d20

A book of monsters created by what are most likely the two youngest RPG writers and illustrators in the industry. Includes submitted material by many 'name' artists.

Kings of the Desert
Adam Theriault, Eilfin Publishing
Softcover, $11.95

Kings of the Desert is the first full-length adventure released for Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure. It starts with a search and rescue mission which then leads the party into the discovery of the Kings of old, who have come back from the dead to again control the desert that they ruled in ages past.

The Shaded Veil
Brett M. Bernstein

A free horror game setting for Active Exploits Diceless Roleplaying.

Andrew Lucas
Gaming Accessory, $54.00, d20

One of the largest carrying cases for miniatures on the market today. Fully D20 compatable.

Thee Compleat Librum ov Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes
M Jason Parent, Ambient Inc
Product Page at RPGNow
PDF, $6.95, d20

Award-nominated independent d20 supplement detailing the legacy of a long dead necromancer.

Undiscovered Quests & Adventures
Adam Theriault, Eilfin Publishing
PDF, $5.00

Undiscovered Q&A is an e-zine styled supplement for Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure. The zine contains adventures, short stories, detailed towns, additional world setting information, optional rules, new spells, and much more.

Mark Bruno
Click Here for Vendetta
PDF, $4.95

Vendetta is the first supplement in support of Deep7's role-playing game of classic film noir, Mean Streets. In this supplement, players and GMs are treated to a more detailed look into organized crime in America, its roots, founding fathers, and families.

Ythrek v1.0 (EABA supplement)
Greg Porter
PDF, $6.00

Eight hundred years after the magical cataclysm that nearly wiped out Ythrek, the descendants of the six Families await the end of a long winter, and the coming of the productive spring and summer decades. But the evils that nearly destroyed Ythrek are awakening again as well...