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The Finalists

Brett Bernstein:

He founded the dpg.org, an invaluable resource for PDF publishers

...He went above the call of duty. The DPG is a fantastic group, and it couldn't have happened without him.

Brett has been the workhorse behind the Digital Publishers Group (http://www.digitalrpg.org), a stand-up individual and quality publisher of his own work.

Brett is a credit to independent game designers and electronic publishers. He is a team player, volunteer webmaster of digital-rpg.org, and proactive networker. He maintains a positive outlook and professional demeanor at all times.

Brett Bernstein of Polically Incorrect Games. Not only does he consistantly produce top-quality games, but he is a tireless member and great asset to the Digital Publisher's Group.

Clinton R. Nixon

While the Forge isn't the only place to find thriving a Indie RPG culture on the web, it is one of the largest and most vocal (and I believe most visible). Clinton is quite possibly the greatest most organized and most responsive forum admin I've yet encountered as well as being an active discussion participant with several Indie design creds of his own. He performs the often thankless job of admin tirelessly, continually upgrades the site, and funds most of the costs out of his own pocket. The Forge and what it represents and has accomplished would not be the community it is without him.

The Forge. What else is there to say when it comes to Indie Gaming.

Clinton R. Nixon for Indie RPG Human of the Year for his dedicated work in maintaining and guiding the Forge. He goes out of his way to see that Indie RPGs have a voice and a medium, and there may be times his work is not given the full credit it deserves.

Not only did he write two great games (Donjon and Paladin), but his work on the Forge's website has been outstanding, not to mention his support of the hobby in general.

Ron Edwards

Ron writes roleplaying games. He supports them more enthusiastically than any other designer anywhere. He supports other peoples' games, usually more vehemently than they themselves do, through the medium of The Forge, which he helps run. He spends a fantastic amount of time with The Forge, keeping it going, and helping to establish a high level of discourse there. And through The Forge booth at GenCon, he enables many small-time indie designers a chance to play on a very large field, earning a little recognition for themselves.

He's done more to promote innovative indie games than anybody else ever, as far as I can tell.

Ron created the Forge and has been a pioneer for the indie movement. He's my hero.

Ron Edwards, all the way. He has single-handedly done more for the indie RPG industry then anyone by helping folks get started or into the industry (like me), promoting others games, and generally being an amazing rescource to us all.

Ron Edwards, for his work in organizing the Forge and the Forge message boards and GenCon booth. He has done stirling work in the promotion of independent RPGs and is also a gifted designer.

He is a bloody powerhouse of rock and roll game-designerdom. The man is unstoppable. He's a walking explosion of indie gaming coolness.

Jared A. Sorensen

Jared is the Master of game creation. RPGs ooze from his pores.

THE indie game designer with a steady supply of innovative free and pay games, and a helluva nice guy, too. And his hair! Incredible! Published the way cool InSpectres and octaNe RPGs. Did I mention his hair?

The Runners Up:

3rd Place, with 6 Votes
Clinton R. Nixon
2nd Place, with 9 Votes
Brett Bernstein

And the Winner, with 15 votes, is...

Ron Edwards!

"The photo is courtesy of Bill Corrie, who's currently working up a game for publication, and who included the picture in his PDF writeup of the show at the Hinterwelt website. "