The Finalists

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I don't own the game - yet - but Cynthia and her co-conspirators can be found everywhere pimping their game.

Prominent. Active. And always supportive.

Cythia has put in so much effort to keeping her game in the public eye. You can technically consider every satiurday morning cartoon to be a supplement.

Free mini-supplements and gamer to game designer forum support. Ghost hunting is a tough business, but Memento-Mori Theatricks is there to back you up.

Jared is always ready to answer questions, is quick to give his input on possible extensions or mods to his games and is an allround decent guy when communicating in whatever form...

Jared's always there to help people with his games, discussing them online, releasing new add-ons, and basically making friends. Every indie designer could learn a lot from Jared's networking ability.

From an active message board system, to an online free Trollbabe webcomic, Ron stands firmly behind his game...

Great forum support and lots of nice downloads on the website, including a cool combat simulation software: this great fantasy game gets the support it deserves. The Riddleseekers ask, Driftwood Publishing answers.

From one of the most posted to forums on the Forge to record setting threads on to a website that includes loads of fan created extras, Driftwood has provided incredible support to this game. A complete and playable set of quickstart rules, several different computer programs to run combat, track damage, or create characters, a variety of character sheet designs, one of the first GM screens to take advantage of the Master Screen format, and damn near real time answers to any game question asked.

An insane amount of fan support is given by author Jake Norwood through the RoS website and the RoS forum on the Forge

Supplements, sample pages, maps, character sheets, noir fantasy magic supplement, active message board, active egroup, active creator interaction, external support site, international fan support.

The Runners Up:

3rd Place, with 15 Points
InSpectres by Jared A. Sorensen
2nd Place, with 31 Points
Cartoon Action Hour by Cynthia Celeste Miller & Eddy Webb

And the Winner, with 35 Points, is...

The Riddle of Steel
Jacob Norwood
Hardcover, $34.95

TROS features engrossing combat based on real-world medieval and renaissance fighting styles, ultra-flexible sorcery, and a character/story-driven advancement system that will change the way you play RPGs forever. Tons of information and on-line support for TROS can be found online.