In roughly alphabetical order

OTHER, $5.00

A UK zine dedicated to roleplaying, lively chat and everything that makes gaming and living enjoyable.

Critical Miss

Critical Miss is the magazine for dysfunctional roleplayers. We aim to cover roleplaying from a humorous slant. Some people think we're funny. Some people don't. Oh, and I whine about my lack of success with women from time to time. Which people seem to like as well. I'm not sure what that says about our readership... :)

Steven Creech, d20 Magazine Rack

A quarterly magazine established to be an Open Content resource for GameMasters and fans who use the d20 Rules Gaming System. Produced by the design team of the d20 Magazine Rack for the gaming community.


A free professional quality PDF magazine supporting modern horror/conspiracy RPGs

Edgerunner: The Fanzine for the Cyberpunk Community
Nathan Hill, Mystic Ages Online

Edgerunner: The Fanzine for the Cyberpunk Community

Haymaker! APAzine
PDF, $5.00

Haymaker! is an APAzine for Hero Games' HERO System. It is a quarterly online publication that provides adventures, characters, settings, rules, and advice for multiple genres, including superhero, fantasy, science fiction, pulp, and modern/adventure.

Hermes' Portal
OTHER, $4.50

Hermes' Portal is a fanzine for Ars Magica, a RPG published by Atlas Games. It covers all parts of the game, rules, complete scenarios, story ideas, short stories, new spells, etc. Hermes' Portal is done by players for players. Four fully illustrated 40 page issues are released per year in two formats (US letter and European A4).

Lac Ta
Softcover, $1.50

This is an independent fanzine for Warhammer FRP by Tim Eccles. (NOTE: URL goes to a related Warhammer site which somtimes offers this Zine's Release Schedule.)

Places to Go, People to Be

"Places to Go, People to Be" is an internet fanzine devoted to role-playing and role-playing games. It is put together by gamers, for gamers and contains what we believe to be the highest quality material about our games available. It is dedicated to gamers everywhere, and in particular to those in Australia and Brisbane.

Revisit the Three Kingdoms Quarterly ezine

Revisit the Three Kingdoms Quarterly ezine focuses on the period of the Three Kingdoms in China. Ezine provides historical background, character focus, RPG adventures, and card games related to that period.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly

A free, weekly email ezine for game masters of all systems, genres, and mediums that's full of tips, advice, and techniques for helping roleplayers have more fun at every game!

The Shadowrun supplemental

The Shadowrun supplemental is the longest continually running Shadowrun magazine. We publish adventures, characters, locations, rules, equipment, spells, reviews, and just about anything to do with Shadowrun!

Tome of Trouble zine

The free weekly zine of fantasy RPG source material for busy GMs.

The Twilight Time Zine

The Twilight Time is an email-based roleplaying zine covering topics of interest to game masters, players, and RPG authors.